Fanfiction Submissions


  1. Stone and Dust – Kusoteitoku9029
    • ‘Time is cruel to mortal beings. Yet, why do I keep coming back to you?’ What would you do when your loved one becomes a different person? This question had always haunted the Geo Archon for centuries, but he’ll soon be able to find the answer.
  2. The Yuheng’s Trials – Bonheur
    • The Qixing have a sworn duty to protect Liyue. Without Rex Lapis and the Adepti, dark forces move against Liyue. As Keqing fulfills her duties of the Yuheng, she finds herself in a dilemna – will she come to terms with her past, or risk Liyue’s future?
  3. Magnolia – Neptunya
    • The colors once held dear now lost to the throes of time. Oh, noble shades of purple, why do they gaze upon you with such envy.

Honourable Mention

  • The Lost Chapter of the Yuheng – firebolt04
    • Okay, hear me out. We have stories of Keqing doing this, that and who knows what else. But, how’d it all start? This is the origin of Keqing. This is The Lost Chapter of the Yuheng.
  • Klee Adopts a Pet – Aru
    • Alice, Klee’s mother, returns for a short visit to Mondstadt only to hear her daughter is as unrefined and reckless as ever. Before embarking again, she leaves her motherly hopes and wishes in the form of a familiar fluffy friend for Klee to kick off a brand new (…or peculiarly routine) adventure of her life.
  • Seeds – Trenette
    • An untold tale of the anemo archon centered around a mysterious antique shop from the Heart’s Desire series.
  • Happy Endings – TunaPotato
    • “It doеsn’t work thаt wаy. Somеtimеs you just don’t gеt thе hаррy еnding,” shе sаid. Hе lookеd аt hеr, thеn with а smаll smilе, hе sаid, “You аlwаys gеt thе hаррy еnding. It аlwаys сomеs еvеntuаlly. You just hаvе to hаvе fаith.”


  • Unrecognized Star – itskhoi
    • “Is that how a Knight of Favonius greets an outsider? Where’s your manner, Acting Grand Master?” “You’ll have my manner when I have my sister back.” – Jean said, while the wind was screaming around her. “Hmph, no rest for the wicked then.” – The stranger smiled.
  • Lightning Strikes On the Burning Port – Qiqi
    • “Well, this is a Keqing mystery adventure with traveler and all the liyue gang (exp yanfei and future releases), the disappearance of some Qixing trigger Keqing resolve to find them and bring the perpetrator to justice”
  • Fishfic – Pinupski
    • “What if Fischl actually was from another world? How’d she end up in Teyvat?” – A Fischl Out of Water is a  reimagining of Fischl’s origin story. Follow Fischl as she starts her day as an ordinary student on Earth, and ends it under extraordinary circumstances in Teyvat.
  • Heart’s Desire – Matt🍕
    • Part of a collection of fantasy stories centred around a mysterious antique shop. Two characters of Liyue each visit this store with a goal, and the fox-eyed shopkeeper assists them both. Though what they want may not be what they need.
  • The Holy Grail War of Teyvat – Rainfury
    • Over a thousand years has passed since the sudden appearance of a traveller, who brought peace to Teyvat. With time, visions that granted elemental abilities have slowly disappeared, and what is left is a world without magic. Zack always wondered if the legends of Visions were real, until one day, he stumbled upon a secret hidden from the world. A war…. A war where heroes of the past fight, for something known as the Holy Grail
  • A Strong Girl Doesn’t Show Tears – graciee
    • Hu Tao is the 77th director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor located in Liyue, a business which performs funeral rites for Adepti and burries the dead. In this short story she tells about her first meeting with the consultant of the Wangsheng Funeral parlor, Zhong Li and the death of her lovely grandpa.
  • Hotel Teyvat – Boch
    • A wanderer makes a temporary stopover somewhere; discreetly, of course, for there are plenty of things one might be wary of on the road. Refined are the tastes of one who has trekked a thousand paths — yet some things remain strange enough to pique even so.
  • The Yuheng and Her Nation – ZenYx
  • Kaeya’s Investigation Inc – Greyhound
  • Childe’ s Shake Shack – Weeablue
  • A Breakdown on “Mr. Childe’s Shake Shack” and Its Impact on Post-modern Literature: an Essay – Mamamoto no Raikou