Prizes and Giveaway Rules

Thank you to Paimon’s Bargains, the sponsor of our weekly giveaways.
You can find them at the Paimon’s Bargains Discord.

Sponsorship Message
Hello there! Paimon’s Bargains provide you with a service that offers cheaper Genesis Crystals, Battle Passes & Blessings of the Welkin Moon.
– 15% Discounts on all Genshin Impact in-game currencies and Blessing of the Welkin Moon (via UID top-ups)
– Server Events and Giveaways
– We also provide services for other games such as Tower of Fantasy & Honkai Impact.

– Simply join our server to place an order!

Please read the following rules clearly. If you enter any KQM giveaway, you agree to the terms below.

Who is eligible to win?

For Battle Passes

  • PC/Mobile players from Asia/EU/America/SAR regions only
  • Mobile-locked accounts are ineligible for BPs
    • Your account is considered mobile-locked if the game does not permit you to purchase a Welkin or Battle Pass in-game on a PC.
  • Please note that your login information and 2FA is required to redeem a Battle Pass. Any login-related information is immediately deleted after redemption.

For Welkins

  • All players in Asia/EU/America/SAR are eligible for Welkins.

For Skins

  • All players in Asia/EU/America/SAR are eligible for skins.

For Genesis Crystal Top-ups

  • All players in Asia/EU/America/SAR are eligible for crystal top-ups.

For Discord Nitro

  • Anyone.
  • There will be an announcement where the winners are tagged by GiveawayBot. 
  • You MUST ENSURE your Discord DMs are open and that you are a member of KQM | Genshin Impact Discord Server
  • You will receive a DM from Doug#8888 (KQM Server Owner). Please ensure you right click and check the profile to see if it matches this picture
  • If you are a winner and you have not received a DM from Doug#8888 within 7 days of the winners’ announcement, please DM him.
  • If the prize is a BP
    • The winner will create a temporary password and arrange an appointment with Doug to login and redeem the BP.
  • If the prize includes Genesis Crystals or Welkins
    • Welkin prizes are redeemed via CodaShop; it doesn’t require any login information nor 2FA. Only your UID is required.
    • You must provide your UID. KQM is not responsible if you accidentally provide the wrong UID at the time of redemption.  
  • If the prize is a Discord Nitro
    • Doug will message you the code via Discord direct messages.
  • If the prize is a Skin
    • Skins are redeemed via adding multiple Welkins (+300 crystals/Welkin) to the winner’s account.
    • The Welkins are redeemed via CodaShop; it doesn’t require any login information nor 2FA. Only your UID is required.
    • If the winner is capped on Welkin duration, then Genesis Crystal Top-Up will be used.
  • Yes, you are free to convert your BP or Welkin prize into a Discord Nitro Classic or Genesis Crystal Top-Up, but not the other way around.
    • For Welkin: 1 month Discord Nitro Classic OR 1 x $5USD Genesis Crystal Top-Up
    • For BP: 2 months Discord Nitro Classic OR 2 x $5USD Genesis Crystal Top-Up OR 2 x Welkins
  • You may nominate another individual to receive your prize.
  • To ensure that winners’ confidential information is kept private, only Doug will be disbursing the prizes. 
  • Generally the prize will be redeemed within a week of providing your information for redemption.
  • KQM will notify you when UIDs are submitted for Welkin redemption. If you have not received your prize within a week of this notification, you must DM the KQM staff member who collected your UID. If you do not DM within 2 weeks of the notification, we are not responsible for any errors and the prize will not be redeemed again.
  • This is not applicable to the weekly Discord Welkin giveaway.
  • No single participant may win more than 1 prize via random draw (e.g. Final giveaway, winning team giveaway, and raffles). If a participant who has already won a prize via random draw wins another prize via a subsequent random draw, a new winner will be drawn.
  • Participants have no limit to the number of prizes that can be won from final selection (e.g. Fan Video competition, speedraces, etc.)
  • A participant who has already won a prize via random draw is eligible to win a prize via final selection and vice versa. 

Events and prizes may be added or removed at any time.

KQM Admins reserve the final say regarding interpretation of rules and winner selection.