Relics Overview

Updated for Version 1.2

This overview is meant to cover all of the Relics and Planar Ornaments in the game, and our opinion of the use cases and effectiveness of Relics at this time. The set bonuses of Relics and Planar Ornaments are not so important as to force characters into a single set, and as a result, many characters can have multiple viable sets based on team composition, Light Cone, Eidolons, or content.

Generalist Sets

Generalist sets of Relics are good on everyone to an extent, offering bonuses that will be noticeable on every character in Honkai: Star Rail. While often less impactful than more specialised sets, they can be freely moved between characters and can outperform more focused sets with better substats or in specific situations.

Musketeer of Wild Wheat

2-Pc: 12% ATK
4-Pc: 6% SPD / 10% Basic ATK DMG

Musketeer is a good generalist set that offers a collection of useful bonuses, but it falls off relatively quickly on most characters. ATK% and SPD are available as substats and 10% Basic ATK DMG is not as impactful as other sets due to the lower damage ratios on Basic ATKs. Relatively stat-independent or ATK-scaling supports make the best use of Musketeer, as they benefit from SPD and will typically use Basic ATKs on their turn to generate Skill Points for others.

Tingyun’s buffs scale with her current ATK, and she wants to be faster than damage dealers, making this set an easy choice for her.

A good, readily-available middle ground set that helps Pela act before damage dealers. As Pela cannot use 4-Pc Messenger Traversing Hackerspace, this tends to be her best set for SPD if you are not building for two 2-Pc sets.

When Asta doesn’t have the SP available to use her Skill constantly, Musketeer is her best offensive set.

A good option on Bronya, particularly Fast Bronya, as she benefits greatly from more SPD and the added DMG% on her Basic ATK. This set is less optimal on Slow Bronya, though still usable. It should be replaced with Messenger later.

Any Damage Dealer
While far from ideal, Musketeer is readily available, and sufficiently strong substats can carry this set.

Not all damage dealers particularly need SPD, but Musketeer is an easy way to ensure that they meet the 120 SPD threshold for certain Planar Ornament effects.

Thief of Shooting Meteor

2-Pc: 16% Break Effect
4-Pc: 16% Break Effect / 3 Energy per Weakness Break

Thief is a good set for characters who specifically focus on breaking enemies and are building large amounts of Break Effect anyway. The extra Energy granted on Weakness Break is not worth mentioning, as it is extremely unreliable and unlikely to result in a faster Ultimate. Thief’s stats are equivalent to six substats of Break Effect, and other sets that offer six or more Break Effect substats can potentially outperform Thief.

Serval possesses the unique ability to extend the duration of Shock. Breaking enemies applies a particularly potent Shock debuff when combined with Thief, which Serval can then extend with her Ultimate to maximize her damage.

Silver Wolf
Breaking enemies with Quantum applies Entanglement, and the delay debuff scales with Break Effect, which allows you to severely delay the enemy’s next turn.

Fire Trailblazer
While Fire Trailblazer has other conventional set options, their Enhanced Basic ATK and Ultimate make them effective at breaking enemies, which allows them to deal hefty damage to enemies who are weak to Fire.

Imprisonment provides strong Speed control and both Yukong’s Talent and Ultimate are effective at breaking enemies, which makes Thief a viable option on her.

Sushang struggles to take full advantage of the 4-Pc Champion of Streetwise Boxing’s effect, and she can easily break enemies with her abilities to capitalize on Break Effect. Combining 2-Pc Thief with 2-Pc Champion is a viable option for her.

Guard of Wuthering Snow

2-Pc: 8% Damage Reduction
4-Pc: 8% Max HP Healing and 5 Energy Regeneration at beginning of turn when below 50% Max HP.

Guard offers a lot more raw value than other sets, with some of the most impactful set bonuses currently available in Honkai: Star Rail. However, as Damage Reduction is almost exclusively a defense-oriented stat with limited means to scale into any offensive benefit, it can be hard to justify equipping Guard over a more damage-oriented set. Typically, it is best to keep a Guard set on hand in addition to another primary set, as it can be switched in against difficult content, even during a Simulated Universe run.

Characters who can reliably reach the 50% HP threshold, either through reducing their own HP or as a result of team composition, can treat Guard of Wuthering Snow as a powerful source of additional Energy.

While the healing is often useless on Arlan, he benefits greatly from the extra Energy and Damage Reduction, helping any Shields placed on him to last longer.

The constant healing and Energy generation makes Blade far more durable and even capable of soloing some content.

As Pela cannot use Messenger to its full potential, Guard is Pela’s best option when not building her offensively.

Any Harmony
Harmony characters focus on buffing and supporting the team over dealing damage themselves. This offers more room both to build defensive stats and to keep them at 50% or less HP instead of needing to immediately heal them.

Even outside of this, Guard simply helps Tingyun to survive the inevitable focus fire.

Any Abundance
While Abundance characters focus on keeping characters’ HP above 50%, they also don’t typically generate much Energy due to constant Basic ATKs. Guard of Wuthering Snow can make Abundance units more durable and ensure they get their Ultimates back in critical situations.

Genius of Brilliant Stars

2-Pc: 10% Quantum Damage
4-Pc: Ignore 10% DEF. Ignore 10% more DEF if the enemy has Quantum Weakness.

While Genius of Brilliant Stars is designed as a Quantum set, ignoring 10% or 20% DEF is such a strong effect that it comes close to many Type-specific sets in terms of damage output. This makes it a strong option for all-out offense, particularly in teams that run Silver Wolf since she can implant Quantum-Type Weakness.

Quantum Damage
Genius is good for characters who do Quantum damage, offering the best bonuses of all of the Type-specific sets as well as stronger bonuses than most other sets in general.

Any Damage Dealer
Up to 20% DEF Ignore is a very strong effect that makes Genius competitive with other Type-specific sets, even if the wearer is not dealing Quantum-Type damage. Genius is particularly strong if the user does not particularly value the 4-Pc effect of their dedicated Type-specific set. Wind damage dealers often do not use Eagle of Twilight Line and Fire characters who do not rely heavily on their Skill may not want Firesmith of Lava-Forging.

Space Sealing Station

2-Pc: 12% ATK. 12% ATK at 120+ SPD.

Space Sealing Station is readily available with an easy activation requirement, making it an almost-free inclusion on any build that can use ATK. However, as it only gives six or seven ATK substats worth of value, it inevitably loses out to the harder to activate, but more potent sets. Great for use early on, and transitions well into late-game builds that cannot muster the substats to hit the harder requirements of other Planar sets.

Any Nihility
Damage Over Time (DoT) effects cannot deal CRIT damage, and Space Sealing Station gives as much ATK% as 96% Effect Hit Rate on Pan-Cosmic Commercial Enterprise. Unless you absolutely need the extra Effect Hit Rate of Pan-Cosmic, Space Sealing Station is better.

Any Damage Dealer
With good enough substats, it can even be used on Blade, who has minimal ATK scaling. It works on any damage dealer who reaches 120 SPD if it rolls well enough, though many vastly prefer other sets.

Fleet of the Ageless

2-Pc: 12% Max HP. 8% party-wide ATK at 120+ SPD.

Fleet of the Ageless is readily available with an easy activation requirement. Unlike Space Sealing Station, it offers less personal benefit in exchange for a party-wide effect. Still, it only takes four or five substats for it to outdo Space Sealing Station, making particularly strong sets of Fleet desirable even on damage dealers.

Any Support
An 8% party-wide attack is always useful, and 12% HP helps keep squishy characters alive or to increase healing from HP-scaling units.

Reaching the 120 SPD threshold is easy for supports.

Fleet is so universal in its applicability that a well-rolled set can be run on virtually any character in the game. While it is rarely the best set for non-support characters, its bonuses are always useful.

Reaching 120 SPD typically requires SPD boots or notable substats, which not all characters want over other options. Without its bonus, Fleet is simply three HP substats.

Broken Keel

2-Pc: 10% Effect RES. 10% party-wide CRIT DMG at 30% Effect RES.

Harder to activate than Fleet of the Ageless, but offers a less readily-available stat due to the lack of Effect RES mainstats on Relics. Effect RES is always good, as most difficult enemies rely heavily on status effects in order to execute their gameplan. Even a single resist can turn a fight, and Keel converts an already useful stat into party-wide CRIT DMG.

Broken Keel is useful for virtually every character in the game and is as close to a free pick as the game will allow. Sufficiently good substats make this set a strong pick on damage dealers, and few supports would struggle to not justify it.

The exception is DoT teams, which do not benefit from CRIT DMG, or if you have better sets for your specific character or build. Being good on everyone does not make it the best option for your build.

Inert Salsotto

2-Pc: 8% CRIT Rate. 15% Ultimate and follow-up attack DMG at 50%+ CRIT Rate.

Though Inert Salsotto offers a smaller bonus compared to Rutilant Arena, it is the easier to activate of the two damage dealer-oriented Planar sets and easier to achieve a good CRIT ratio with. However, Ultimate and follow-up damage is often a less significant part of a character’s overall damage output.

Any Follow-up Character
As one of the only methods in the game of boosting follow-up attack damage, Inert Salsotto is a safe pick for any character who focuses on follow-up damage.

Critical Damage Dealer
A 50% CRIT Rate is easily achieved on any damage dealer who wants it, making it trivial for them to activate Inert Salsotto. However, characters who focus on DoT do not benefit from CRIT.

It must also compete with Arena. Salsotto is easier to activate, but Arena has a stronger bonus.

Specialist Sets

Specialist sets tend to only be good on a small handful of characters or very specific builds for those characters, and should be carefully weighed against other options. They are often designed with specific characters or builds in mind, and excel within their narrow scope.

Think carefully before equipping one of these sets. They can be strong but only in the right situations.

Messenger Traversing Hackerspace

2-Pc: 6% SPD
4-Pc: Using Ultimates that target allies gives the party 12% SPD for one turn.

Messenger Traversing Hackerspace helps supports to act before damage dealers and can grant an additional turn over extended battles. However, while it is a very useful set, the 4-Pc bonus only applies until characters’ next turn, which encourages using it after or on their turn, rather than before. This, coupled with its 2-Pc bonus being part of the 4-Pc bonus of the more readily available Musketeer of Wild Wheat set, renders Messenger more of a niche set than it first appears. Care should be taken to ensure that your party can actually benefit from the 4-Pc effect and that it does not desynchronize Speed tuning because of different base SPD values. It should be noted that Messenger’s 4-Pc effect can occasionally help mitigate Slows and delays applied by enemies, making it situationally useful as a counter to specific enemies.

Bronya wants to act after damage dealers, rather than before, making her unique among Harmony characters. As a result, she has no issue activating Messenger’s 4-Pc bonus.

Asta’s Ultimate and Messenger’s 4-Pc effect both want to be activated at the same time, ensuring that she will always get the maximum effect from it.

While Messenger has to compete with Knight of Purity Palace’s superior Shield buff, the added SPD is the best offensive buff that Gepard can give to the party through Relics. If Gepard’s Shield is already strong enough, Messenger is better than further shielding.

Any Abundance
(Except Luocha)

While Abundance characters want to use their Ultimate in response to damage, they have little issue with timing their Ultimates to maximize Messenger’s bonus in most cases, making Messenger a viable set if Passerby of Wandering Cloud would result in overhealing and the extra Skill Point is not needed.

An exception to this is Luocha, who does not target allies with his Ultimate.

Knight of Purity Palace

2-Pc: 15% DEF
4-Pc: 20% Shield absorption.

Knight exists solely for characters who generate reliable, consistent Shields, but otherwise offers less durability than Guard of Wuthering Snow. An additional 20% Shield durability is an incredibly large bonus in and of itself, far outperforming the bonuses granted by superior substats on other sets in all but the most extreme cases.

Fire Trailblazer
With low DEF scaling relative to their base Shield value, Knight offers even more value to Fire Trailblazer than anyone else.

Virtually impossible to go without.

Gepard is already known for his exceptionally strong Shields, and Knight makes them even stronger. Messenger is another potent option if you want more SPD for your party, though Knight remains the default recommendation.

March 7th
Knight is ideal if March 7th’s Shield has to remain unbroken, such as when shielding Yanqing. However, her Shields are often potent enough for even the hardest content, making Guard another option for personal survivability.

Longevous Disciple

2-Pc: 12% HP
4-Pc: 8% CRIT Rate for two turns upon being hit or losing HP. Stacks twice.

Longevous Disciple exists either as a 2-Pc option for HP-scaling characters or a 4-Pc option for HP-scaling damage dealers. An additional 16% CRIT Rate is extremely high value, but few characters can really take advantage of it. Outside of Blade, it can be difficult to find a use case for this set.

Blade’s best set, helped by Eagle of Twilight Line’s mediocre performance for damage dealers in particular. When they mentioned that pain would come with the Blade, they were talking about farming for his Relics.

A situational pick for Arlan if it helps to push him over the threshold for Rutilant Arena. However, he already makes effective use of Guard of Wuthering Snow and Band of Sizzling Thunder, making this difficult to justify without exceptionally good substats.

Clara needs to take hits in order to trigger her Counter attacks, making extra durability very useful on her, and she will acquire the 16% CRIT Rate through regular gameplay.

Passerby of Wandering Cloud

2-Pc: 10% Outgoing Healing Boost
4-Pc: One additional Skill Point at the beginning of combat.

Passerby of Wandering Cloud is mostly a healer set, but it can have occasional niche uses outside of that role. An additional starting Skill Point can be useful in teams with very Skill-heavy opening turns or an element of randomness to their opening turns that can make SP economy difficult.

Any Abundance
Increasing healing output is generally good for characters whose 
entire purpose is healing the team. Abundance characters are not limited to this set, but it is very difficult to go wrong with increased healing and Skill Points.

If the party has an Abundance character using this set, it is unlikely they will need a fifth SP at the start of combat.

March 7th
With her sixth Eidolon, March 7th becomes able to heal allies, and her kit revolves around being able to use her Skill on the first turn. As a result, March 7th can take full advantage of this set and allow everyone in the party to use their Skill on the first turn.

Having four Skill Points instead of three allows Asta to use her Skill on the first turn in teams where that is otherwise not an option, allowing her to accrue more Charging stacks to buff the party and generate more Energy.

A niche choice for specific team compositions. Use with caution.

Silver Wolf
Outside of Mono Quantum, there is an element of randomness to what Weakness Silver Wolf implants in enemies. While far from optimal, Passerby can help offset the SP cost of bad luck. There is also a relatively low opportunity cost, as Silver Wolf’s debuffs do not scale with stats beyond Effect Hit Rate.

A niche choice for specific team compositions. Use with caution.

Eagle of Twilight Line

2-Pc: 10% Wind DMG
4-Pc: 25% Action Advance upon using Ultimate.

While Eagle of Twilight Line offers a DMG% bonus like other Type-specific sets, its 4-Pc bonus can be detrimental to damage dealers. It is prone to desyncing teams and causing damage dealers to act before their supports, potentially losing buff uptime or running out of SP. As a result, Wind damage dealers should generally run only a 2-Pc of this set, while many non-Wind characters can run the full 4-Pc set, provided they have a Light Cone or Ability that benefits from gaining as many turns as possible without regard for turn order.

Eagle of Twilight Line is unique as it often synergizes more with specific Light Cone choices rather than individual characters. This set’s value lies in granting additional teamwide benefits at the start of a character’s turn, which tends to be on Light Cones instead of Traces or Abilities.

Dance! Dance! Dance!
Action Advance becomes stronger the more it can be stacked onto a single character, and if team desynchronization is not a concern, combining Dance! Dance! Dance! with Eagle can result in a 41–49% faster turn, nearly doubling a character’s SPD whenever they use their Ultimate.

For Harmony characters who want to use their Ultimate as often as possible and generate as many Skill Points as they can, Eagle and DDD can increase both Ultimate uptime and Skill Point generation.

Quid Pro Quo
Granting additional Energy to teammates at the start of your turn is extremely helpful, and doing so more often is even more helpful. Eagle is far more effective at granting additional turns than Messenger Traversing Hackerspace. It is competitive with Passerby of Wandering Cloud in terms of Skill Point generation over longer fights, as additional turns result in more Basic ATKs.

March 7th
March 7th gains more Counters as she gains more actions, and her Shield expires on ally turns rather than her own.

Usually March 7th wants to use her Ultimate as often as possible to Freeze enemies, thus the Action Advance from Eagle can be valuable for both extra turns and consequently extra Energy.

Rutilant Arena

2-Pc: 8% CRIT Rate. 20% Basic ATK and Skill DMG at 70%+ CRIT Rate.

Rutilant Arena is incredibly powerful, but it possesses the steepest activation condition of all Planar sets by far, at a massive 70% CRIT Rate. Still, 20% Basic ATK and Skill DMG is extremely potent, making the set easily the Best-in-Slot for many damage dealers if you can achieve its steep requirements.

Rutilant Arena should be considered as a goal for damage dealers you are willing to invest ample time into building, as it can often take sets of +15 5★ Relics with good substats to take full advantage of this set.

Your Waifu/Husbando
(NOT Kafka)
Rutilant Arena requires far and away more investment than any other set to take advantage of. As a result, it can be difficult to recommend. For characters who you are willing to invest in to the exception of all others, Rutilant Arena offers that extra edge in effectiveness in exchange for copious amounts of Trailblaze Power.

Note that a few characters such as Himeko and Jing Yuan can still prefer Inert Salsotto anyway.

Critical Damage Dealer
Arena is expensive in terms of investment, but if you are done building characters, you can farm for Arena for an extra bump in power.

Belobog of the Architects

2-Pc: 15% DEF. 15% DEF at 50%+ Effect Hit Rate.

Belobog of the Architects is an extremely hard set to recommend, with only three viable users in the game. A 30% DEF increase is only around six substats, and 50% EHR is far more than that.

Do you think that Belobog has a newspaper called the Belo Blog? When you think about it, it’s really not any sillier to ask than asking for 50% EHR for three substats.

Fire Trailblazer
Fire Trailblazer’s Taunt is modified by Effect Hit Rate, and missing crucial Taunts is painful. As Fire Trailblazer already wants Effect Hit Rate, it can be rather easy for them to activate this set.

Pan-Cosmic Commercial Enterprise is an alternate option for Fire Trailblazer if more Effect Hit Rate is needed, or Broken Keel and Fleet of the Ageless to support the party.

Given enough spare SP to use Gepard’s Skill, Effect Hit Rate is desirable to consistently Freeze enemies.

While Belobog is the only Planar set that boosts his Shield’s durability, Broken Keel or Fleet offers more to the team.

March 7th
An alternative to Pan-Cosmic if March 7th is getting the Effect Hit Rate required to consistently land the Freeze effect of her Ultimate via other means.

Talia: Kingdom of Banditry

2-Pc: 16% Break Effect. 20% Break Effect at 145+ SPD.

Talia requiring both main and substat investment makes it as difficult to activate as Rutilant Arena, with a far smaller reward for the extra effort. Break Effect is available via substats, and requiring both SPD Boots and multiple SPD substats makes this set exceptionally hard to recommend under KQM standards.

Any Trash Can
Talia only offers three substats worth of value without meeting the stat requirements, which requires more investment than it would take to simply acquire the Break Effect directly.

Can be useful with exceptional substat rolls but not at KQM Relic standards.

Sprightly Vonwacq

2-Pc: 5% Energy Regeneration Rate. 40% Action Advance at start of battle at 120+ SPD.

An additional 5% Energy Regeneration Rate will rarely ever take characters over the threshold to get their Ultimate an action sooner. Energy Regeneration math is contingent on many factors, making this set’s Energy more situational than other sources. However, 40% Action Advance is strong and impactful when used correctly, allowing characters to act outside of their normal turn order or compressing actions into earlier cycles in Memories of Chaos.

120 SPD
Activating Sprightly Vonwacq gives you a second action during the first cycle of Memories of Chaos. If acting first in the first cycle is important and 134 SPD is difficult to reach, Sprightly Vonwacq is an alternative.

144 SPD
Reaching 144 SPD is required to get a second action in both the first and second cycle of Memories of Chaos using Sprightly Vonwacq.

If you have an obsessive need for speed, this is the threshold.

When combined with Superimposition Rank 5 Meshing Cogs and an Energy Regeneration Rate Link Rope, Tingyun is able to consistently get her Ultimate in three actions.

Specific combinations of Relics, Light Cones, and even Eidolons can lead to Vonwacq narrowly pushing characters over the threshold for faster Ultimates. Tingyun is just one example.

Celestial Differentiator

2-Pc: 16% CRIT DMG. 60% CRIT Rate for first attack at 120%+ CRIT DMG.

Celestial Differentiator is terrible. No fight that matters will end in the first attack, and the set stops helping after that. As an exclusively damage-based bonus, it loses out to other options that offer consistent bonuses that cannot be acquired via substats. Even when it helps, it encourages painfully out of balance CRIT investment in order to maximize value.

Any Trash Can
Just don’t. While sufficiently good substats can make any set usable, there is no justification for using Celestial in particular.

Pan-Cosmic Commercial Enterprise

2-Pc: 10% Effect Hit Rate. Converts 25% of Effect Hit Rate to ATK% until reaching 100% Effect Rate and 25% ATK.

Strictly worse than Space Sealing Station unless you need the extra Effect Hit Rate more than ATK. Still, it isn’t useless and is even good for characters with less than a 100% base chance of applying important effects. At 50% or more Effect Hit Rate from other sources, Pan-Cosmic offers more overall power than Station.

Any Nihility
Effect Hit Rate makes debuffs hit more often. Nihility characters can at least appreciate getting several substats of value and hitting their thresholds for 100% activation rate.

Type-Specific Sets

Type-specific sets are designed exclusively with specific damage Types in mind and should generally only be used by damage dealers with a matching Type. As a result, it can be very easy to tell who should use a given set.

Champion of Streetwise Boxing

2-Pc: 10% Physical DMG 
4-Pc: 5% ATK upon attacking or being attacked. Stacks five times.

Champion of Streetwise Boxing is designed with the increased aggro of Destruction characters in mind, making it more effective on them than other Physical characters. However, it is still plenty effective on most if not all Physical characters.

Physical Damage
With its delayed ramp-up to the full 25% bonus, it is hard to recommend 4-Pc Champion of Streetwise Boxing on anyone besides Physical damage dealers. Still, the current roster of Physical characters can make effective use of it.

Clara’s Ultimate makes her more likely to be targeted, making it effortless to get this set up to its full power early in the fight.

Firesmith of Lava-Forging

2-Pc: 10% Fire DMG
4-Pc: 12% Skill DMG. 12% Fire DMG for next attack after using Ultimate.

Firesmith is designed around Skill use, and characters using it generally want to avoid Basic ATKs. As it grants up to 22% Fire DMG, it is impossible to recommend for non-Fire characters under any circumstance. If constant Skill use is too SP heavy, Musketeer of Wild Wheat is a more attractive damage option.

Fire Damage
Up to 22% Fire DMG makes this impossible to recommend for anyone else besides Fire characters. Don’t even try, 12% Skill DMG is not worth it under any possible circumstance.

Fire characters should consider how often they will be using their Skill and weigh Firesmith against Musketeer.

Hunter of Glacial Forest

2-Pc: 10% Ice DMG
4-Pc: 25% CRIT DMG for two turns after using Ultimate.

Hunter’s 4-Pc effect granting additional CRIT DMG makes it a less attractive set for characters who deal DoT or who do not invest in CRIT Rate. As Hunter activates after using Ultimates, Rutilant Arena is preferred over Inert Salsotto when using Hunter.

Ice Damage
Many Ice characters possess a high emphasis on CRIT in particular.

For those who do not focus on CRIT, strongly consider other sets.

Rutilant Arena
(Planar Set)
Arena requires 70% CRIT Rate and buffs Skill use. As Hunter grants 25% CRIT DMG, it helps to offset the large investment required to activate Arena’s bonus, ensuring that the constant stream of crits hits hard.

Band of Sizzling Thunder

2-Pc: 10% Lightning DMG
4-Pc: 20% ATK for one turn after using Skill.

Band of Sizzling Thunder hungers for SP in most cases, making characters using this set particularly reliant on allies generating SP. Maximizing uptime allows SP neutrality at best. It only takes five substats to gain 20% ATK, making the effect of this set lower than others in exchange for easy activation.

With a slightly lower than average 4-Pc effect than other Type-specific sets, this set is hard to justify for any character besides Lightning characters.

Arlan’s Skill does not consume SP, making Band of Sizzling Thunder particularly effective on him.

Wastelander of Banditry Desert

2-Pc: 10% Imaginary DMG
4-Pc: 10% CRIT Rate vs debuffed enemies, with an additional 20% CRIT DMG vs Imprisoned enemies

Wastelander of Banditry Desert was designed entirely around Welt, the only Imaginary character available at launch. It offers some incredible yet unreliable buffs. Due to the severe lack of Imaginary characters available as of 1.2, it’s hard to justify farming for this set.

Gaining an additional 10% CRIT Rate and 20% CRIT DMG vs. Imprisoned foes is strong, and Imprisonment can be applied via breaking enemies with Imaginary, making this set quite impactful on what few offense-oriented Imaginary characters we have.

The only source of non-break Imprisonment currently in the game, Welt is required to maximize the effect of Wastelander.


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