KQM HSR Partnership Requirements and Benefits


  • Site advertisement with an introduction attached along with a link to your server/organisation.
  • Discord advertisement with your server’s embed & invite link
  • Exclusive channel access to our network server to interact with our KQM Theorycrafting and Help staff.
  • Exclusive channel access to our network server with other reputable theorycrafters, developers, and experts that produce HSR related content and tools.
  • Early previews of new projects and planned content.
  • Collaboration with KQM Events staff for inter-server events/giveaways/etc.
  • Priority access to Kikin Bot (KQM’s Resource Bot)

If you’re interested in becoming a partner or affiliate, please contact us via modmail

Partner Requirements:

We don’t have strict requirements for partners and each server is considered on a case by case basis, however below are a few things we would expect. Assessing an organization for partnership vs affiliation is at the sole discretion of KQM admin and theorycrafting staff.

  1. HSR Impact related
  2. Have a strong goal of creating quality theorycrafting content OR providing/developing useful tools/optimizers for players
  3. In collaborative projects, a commitment to following and upholding basic theorycrafting principles, guidelines, and standards established by KQM. In individual projects, the partner is not bound to this requirement.
  4. A commitment to clear and consistent communication.
  5. Pre-TC (theorycrafting based on unreleased data) is not preferred, but allowed. Any related data must be kept within your group/server.
  6. There is no minimum member count requirement, but general group/server activity will be assessed.
  7. If you have a Discord server, it should be well-organized and contain an active moderation team.
  8. If you have a Discord server, you must not engage in any Discord ToS-breaking behaviour.
  9. A predominantly English-speaking group/server.

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