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Silver Wolf Guide

Updated for Version 1.5

Note that the information given may change if new discoveries are made. More extensive testing is in progress.

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Silver Wolf is a 5-Star Quantum-Type Nihility unit in Honkai: Star Rail. With her wide array of debuffs and unique ability to implant Weaknesses in enemies, she can provide significant damage increases and quality-of-life to nearly any team when used properly.

Additionally, if you’re struggling to get good at video games, Silver Wolf can probably help you — although her methods may be less than honest. Take your chances if you dare.

Thanks to her debuff-centric gameplay and interactions with other party members, Silver Wolf has unique gearing, team-building, and gameplay challenges that require the player to think about both her teammates and the enemies she is facing, before and during battle. This guide covers each of these considerations and can help you get the most out of your Silver Wolf.


Character Overview

Silver Wolf’s kit revolves around applying many debuffs to one target at a time. She can implant Weaknesses in enemies with her Skill, reduce enemies’ DEF with her Ultimate, and apply multiple small debuffs, called Bugs, with her Talent. These many debuffs all combine to significantly increase the effectiveness of the entire team’s attacks against an enemy.

Silver Wolf’s debuffs can only be applied to one enemy per action, but their large values and sheer quantity can stack up to very significant damage increases. If you’re interested in the exact values, open the section below.

Damage Increases Provided by Silver Wolf’s Debuffs

Damage Increases Provided by Silver Wolf’s Debuffs ▼

The table below lists the overall damage increases specifically provided by Silver Wolf’s debuffs in several common scenarios. Silver Wolf has two major debuff types: RES Reduction from her Skill and A6, and DEF Reduction from her Ultimate and Talent. Since DEF Reduction and DEF Ignore increases in value as they approach 100%, some rows with DEF Ignore from the 4-Pc Genius of Brilliant Stars Relic set and DEF Reduction from Pela’s Ultimate are also included.

Values are calculated assuming Silver Wolf’s and Pela’s Traces are at Level 10, characters are Level 80, and enemies are Level 95.

Debuff TypeNo Weakness ImplantWeakness Implant (Weakness already present on enemy or wrong Type implanted)Weakness Implant (Weakness not already present on enemy)
[20% RES]
No DEF Reduction+0% damage+10% damage+37.5% damage

Silver Wolf Ultimate
+31.7% damage+44.9% damage+81.1% damage

Silver Wolf Ultimate
+ DEF Reduction Bug
+39.6% damage+53.5% damage+91.9% damage

Silver Wolf Ultimate
+ DEF Reduction Bug + 4-Pc Genius (no Quantum Weakness)
+42.8% damage+57.0% damage+96.3% damage

Silver Wolf Ultimate
+ DEF Reduction Bug
+ 4-Pc Genius (Quantum Weakness)
+46.5% damage+61.2% damage+101.5% damage

Silver Wolf Ultimate+ DEF Reduction Bug+ Pela Ultimate
+56.41% damage+72.1% damage+115.1% damage

Silver Wolf Ultimate
+ DEF Reduction Bug
+ 4-Pc Genius (no Quantum Weakness)
+ Pela Ultimate
+57.5% damage+73.3% damage+116.6% damage

Silver Wolf Ultimate
+ DEF Reduction Bug
+ 4-Pc Genius
+ Pela Ultimate
+46.0% damage+60.6% damage+100.8% damage

See jas’s Silver Wolf Debuff Damage Increases sheet for more scenarios and calculation details.

As shown above, Silver Wolf can provide a very potent damage increase against enemies if they do not already have the Weakness Silver Wolf implants, especially if other sources of DEF Reduction or DEF Ignore are included. DEF Reduction can’t go beyond 100%, however: the last row shows smaller numbers than the row above it because the DEF Reduction without Silver Wolf is high enough that a large portion of Silver Wolf’s own DEF Reduction is wasted.



Playing Silver Wolf as a debuffer is fairly simple. She should use her Skill against a high-priority enemy target until implanting the desired Weakness, and then use Basic ATKs until the implanted Weakness expires. If the team has extra Skill Points available, it is also possible, and sometimes beneficial, to maintain a Weakness implant on a second enemy. It is generally an inefficient use of Skill Points to attempt to maintain a Weakness implant on more than two enemies, however, as it requires Silver Wolf to play completely SP negative.

In general, Silver Wolf’s Ultimate should be used before her allies do the bulk of their damage; it provides a potent enough damage increase that it can sometimes be worth delaying a highly damaging ally Ultimate if Silver Wolf nearly has her own Ultimate, especially if the correct Weakness has not been implanted yet. On the flipside, it can sometimes be a good idea to hold Silver Wolf’s Ultimate in order to Weakness Break an enemy, especially if building Break Effect on Silver Wolf.

In addition to her debuffs, Silver Wolf’s significant single-target Toughness damage and ability to implant a Quantum Weakness makes her quite good at breaking enemies on her own. Entanglement is one of the stronger Weakness Break effects in the game, causing significant Action Delay and dealing high damage when stacked. Stacking Break Effect allows Silver Wolf to deal notable personal damage when breaking enemies, and the increased Action Delay can help increase her debuff uptime.

A word of caution, however. When playing Silver Wolf with allies that deal damage on enemy turns, like DoT characters and Clara, Silver Wolf should generally avoid triggering Weakness Break, especially if she has high Break Effect. While all of her debuffs do increase damage dealt by these characters, a Quantum Weakness Break will cause a significant Action Delay that is only further increased by the Break Effect stat. For allies that depend on enemies acting frequently, the significant Action Delay can reduce damage against the enemy nearly as much as Silver Wolf’s debuffs increase it.

Damage Dealer‎

For a unit whose kit is full of supportive utility, Silver Wolf does have fairly high damage multipliers and can fully benefit from all the debuffs she applies. Prior to obtaining her 2nd Eidolon, however, it is generally not effective to build Silver Wolf like a typical damage dealer. Her high Effect Hit Rate requirement and dependence on sources of additional Energy tend to force her into gearing choices that do not support her personal damage.

Her 1st Eidolon alleviates the Energy issue, and her 2nd Eidolon alleviates the Effect Hit Rate issue, which allows her to build more offensive stats and deal fairly decent personal damage. Even at E2, however, she will not be dealing damage at the level of dedicated damage dealers because she lacks the innate CRIT, self-buffs, or means of taking additional actions that they tend to have built into their kit.

It is only at E6 that building Silver Wolf as a damage dealer becomes the top recommendation, as she will deal significantly more damage by investing into ATK and CRIT than she will by investing into Break Effect, while retaining the full breadth of her supportive utility.

Playing Silver Wolf as a damage dealer is even simpler than playing her as a debuffer. As long as she uses her Skill on an enemy (implanting Quantum Weakness if necessary) before targeting it with her Ultimate, she will gain the full benefit from her own debuffs.


Basic ATK

Basic ATK | System Warning

Trace Description

System Warning [Single Target]

Deals Quantum DMG equal to 50%/100%/110% of Silver Wolf’s ATK to a single enemy.

A standard Basic ATK. It hits three times, which can improve its synergy with effects that roll per-hit, like the Ensnared debuff from Resolution Shines as Pearls of Sweat.


Skill | Allow Changes?

Trace Description

Allow Changes? [Impair]

There is a 75%/85%/87% base chance to add 1 Weakness of an on-field ally’s Type to the target enemy. This also reduces the enemy’s DMG RES to that Weakness Type by 20% for 2 turn(s). If the enemy already has that Type Weakness, the effect of DMG RES reduction to that Weakness Type will not be triggered.
Each enemy can only have 1 Weakness implanted by Silver Wolf. When Silver Wolf implants another Weakness to the target, only the most recent implanted Weakness will be kept.
In addition, there is a 100% base chance to reduce the All-Type RES of the enemy further by 7.5%/10%/10.5% for 2 turn(s).
Deals Quantum DMG equal to 98%/196%/215% of Silver Wolf’s ATK to this enemy.

Silver Wolf’s defining feature, and the primary reason to put her in a team.

Some notes about this ability:

  • Silver Wolf has a unique animation that appears if the Weakness implant fails to apply.
  • The implanted Weakness and RES Reduction debuffs are applied before the Skill hits, allowing it to deal Toughness damage if it implants a Quantum Weakness, and guaranteeing a minimum of 3 stacks from her E6 on every Skill use.
  • She will always implant a Weakness Type that is not innate to the enemy, unless that enemy already has a Weakness to all Types present in the team. In that case, she will randomly choose between ally Types, and the text, “Weakness Repeated” will appear instead of “Weakness Implanted.”
  • The Weakness Type that Silver Wolf implants is chosen randomly with equal weighting from the Combat Types present in the team. Bringing more characters of a particular Type will not increase the chances of implanting the corresponding Weakness.
  • The extra 7.5–10% RES Reduction that comes in addition to the Weakness implant has a 100% base chance to apply that does not change with Skill level, and rolls separately from the Weakness implant itself.

Ultimate | User Banned

Trace Description

User Banned [Impair]

There’s a 85%/100%/103% base chance to decrease the target enemy’s DEF by 36%/45%/46.8% for 3 turn(s). And at the same time, deals Quantum DMG equal to 228%/380%/410% of Silver Wolf’s ATK to the target enemy.

The DEF Reduction is applied before the ability hits, which allows Silver Wolf’s Ultimate to always benefit from the Energy generation effect of Before the Tutorial Mission Starts, and always receive at least 7 extra Energy via her E1.


Talent | Awaiting System Response…

Trace Description

Awaiting System Response… [Impair]

Silver Wolf can create three types of Bugs: reduce ATK by 5%/10%/11%, reduce DEF by 4%/8%/8.8%, and reduce SPD by 3%/6%/6.6%.
Every time Silver Wolf attacks, she has a 60%/72%/74.4% base chance to implant a random Bug that lasts for 3 turn(s) in the enemy target.

Bugs are chosen randomly from those that are not already on the enemy. If all three Bugs are already applied to the attacked enemy, a random one is chosen and its duration is refreshed.


Technique | Force Quit Program

Trace Description

Force Quit Program

Immediately attacks the enemy. After entering battle, deals Quantum DMG equal to 80% of Silver Wolf’s ATK to all enemies, and ignores Weakness Types and reduces Toughness from all enemies. Enemies with their Weakness Broken in this way will trigger the Quantum Weakness Break effect.

Allows Silver Wolf to do significant Toughness damage to all enemies before the battle begins. This is especially valuable when building Silver Wolf with lots of Break Effect, as she will often break multiple smaller enemies at once.

Silver Wolf’s Technique can trigger her Talent to apply a Bug upon battle entry, but this will only work on the leftmost enemy.

A2 Bonus

Ascension 2 Bonus Ability | Generate

Trace Description


Bug’s duration is extended for 1 turn(s). Every time an enemy is inflicted with Weakness Break, Silver Wolf has a 65% base chance of implanting a random Bug in the enemy.

Allows Silver Wolf to apply more Bugs and maintain them on enemies more easily. This effect synergizes well with her Technique; it will attempt to apply a Bug on every enemy that is Weakness Broken by her Technique, sometimes allowing you to start the battle with enough debuffs on an enemy to trigger Silver Wolf’s A6 on her first Skill use.

A4 Bonus

Ascension 4 Bonus Ability | Inject

Trace Description


The duration of the Weakness implanted by Silver Wolf’s Skill increases by 1 turn(s).

The increased duration on the implanted Weakness allows Silver Wolf to run slightly more flexible rotations, as she won’t have to use her Skill quite as often to keep the implanted Weakness active.

Note, however, that this Bonus Ability does not increase the duration of the RES Reduction applied by her Skill or her A6 Bonus Ability.

A6 Bonus

Ascension 6 Bonus Ability | Side Note

Trace Description

Side Note

If there are 3 or more debuff(s) affecting the enemy when the Skill is used, then the Skill decreases the enemy’s All-Type RES by an additional 3%.

In order for the bonus from this effect to trigger, three debuffs must be present on the enemy before Silver Wolf’s Skill is used.

The extra 3% RES Reduction is nice when you get it, but going out of your way to ensure enemies have three debuffs before using Silver Wolf’s Skill is not necessary.

Note: Trace levels shown are 1/10/12 (Basic ATK 1/6/7).


Eidolon 1

Eidolon 1 | Social Engineering

Eidolon Description

After using her Ultimate to attack enemies, Silver Wolf regenerates 7 Energy for every debuff that the target enemy currently has. This effect can be triggered up to 5 time(s) in each use of her Ultimate.

Provides up to 35 Energy in total after Silver Wolf uses her Ultimate, depending on the number of debuffs present on the enemy when the attack hits. In almost all cases, this reduces the number of turns needed for Silver Wolf to recharge her Ultimate by one, giving her more flexibility in battle and greatly increasing her ability to maintain her Ultimate’s DEF Reduction on multiple enemies at once.

Note that since her Ultimate applies the DEF Reduction debuff before this Eidolon checks the enemy’s debuff count, she will gain full value from this Eidolon even if only four other debuffs are present on the enemy before she uses her Ultimate. The Bugs from her Talent and any other debuffs that apply after the attack lands do not contribute to the debuff count if the Ultimate applies them.

Eidolon 2

Eidolon 2 | Zombie Network

Eidolon Description

When an enemy enters battle, reduces their Effect RES by 20%.

Significantly reduces the Effect Hit Rate requirements of the entire party. Silver Wolf’s own Effect Hit Rate needs are reduced so much that she no longer needs an Effect Hit Rate Body, even with a Light Cone that provides no Effect Hit Rate. See Soul Fish’s Silver Wolf Energy and Effect Hit Rate sheet for details on her Effect Hit Rate requirements.

As this Eidolon applies a guaranteed, permanent, and non-removable debuff to all enemies, it makes triggering effects like her 1st Eidolon and A6 Bonus Ability easier.

Eidolon 3

Eidolon 3 | Payload

Eidolon Description

Skill Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
Talent Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.

Small increase to her Skill damage and decrease to her EHR requirements. After E2, this is mostly a non-issue.

Eidolon 4

Eidolon 4 | Bounce Attack

Eidolon Description

After using her Ultimate to attack enemies, deals Additional Quantum DMG equal to 20% of Silver Wolf’s ATK for every debuff currently on the enemy target. This effect can be triggered for a maximum of 5 time(s) during each use of her Ultimate.

Adds up to 100% additional ATK scaling on her Ultimate, depending on the number of debuffs present on the enemy. Since she already wants to use her Ultimate on enemies with many debuffs to take advantage of her 1st Eidolon, she will frequently get full value from this Eidolon.

All in all, however, it’s not a particularly significant damage increase on its own.

Eidolon 5

Eidolon 5 | Brute Force Attack

Eidolon Description

Ultimate Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
Basic ATK Lv. +1, up to a maximum of Lv. 10.

Small increase to her Ultimate and Basic ATK damage.

Eidolon 6

Eidolon 6 | Overlay Network

Eidolon Description

For every debuff the target enemy has, the DMG dealt by Silver Wolf increases by 20%, up to a limit of 100%.

This is the real deal. With this Eidolon, Silver Wolf can gain up to a 100% DMG Bonus, giving her the self-buff she needs to deal truly outstanding personal damage. This Eidolon essentially turns her into a pseudo-Hunt unit, with exceptional single-target damage on top of her already strong debuffs.

When Silver Wolf has this Eidolon, the difference in damage between attacking an enemy with one debuff and an enemy with five debuffs is staggering, especially when using her Ultimate. This can mean that if an enemy has only one debuff, it is often ideal for Silver Wolf to use a Skill before using her Ultimate even while at full Energy, in order to guarantee the maximum value from not just this Eidolon but also her 1st and 4th Eidolons.



This build is meant to be used along with the Debuffer playstyle. When played this way, Silver Wolf focuses on applying debuffs and Weakness Breaking enemies. As such, her gearing choices will primarily be centered around these two goals.

Trace Priority

> >

Skill > Ultimate > Talent

Silver Wolf’s Skill and Ultimate are the highest priority, as they represent the vast majority of her utility. The Skill is more important than the Ultimate, as it has the lowest base chance of all her necessary debuffs and is primarily responsible for Silver Wolf’s high Effect Hit Rate requirement, although both should be leveled regardless. The Bugs from her Talent have small values, but they do add up and should be leveled at least a few times.

Levels for her Basic ATK are insignificant, so it can be ignored entirely.

Silver Wolf gains three stats from the minor nodes on her Trace tree: ATK%, Effect Hit Rate, and Quantum DMG Boost. For this build, only Effect Hit Rate is relevant, and the others should only be unlocked as a means to reach nodes that grant Effect Hit Rate.

Light Cones

Before the Tutorial Mission Starts
At S5, this Light Cone synergizes perfectly with Silver Wolf’s kit, granting her nearly a Relic main stat’s worth of Effect Hit Rate and providing significant additional Energy generation, nearly always reducing the number of actions needed to recharge her Ultimate.

However, since it was only obtainable via an event that ran in Version 1.1, it is unavailable for any players that did not participate.

Incessant Rain
This Light Cone can essentially be considered an upgrade of Resolution Shines as Pearls of Sweat, providing 24% Effect Hit Rate on top of a special Aether Code debuff that adds a 12% multiplier to the relatively uncommon Vulnerability portion of the damage formula.

Most teams have an unmodified Vulnerability multiplier, so Aether Code often provides a true 12% DMG increase. However, Aether Code only lasts until the enemy’s next action, so it’s important to time its application properly.

The 12% CRIT Rate increase against enemies with three or more debuffs is effectively useless, but the other two passive effects are valuable enough that this Light Cone still takes the second spot.

Patience is All You Need
The DMG increasing portion of this Light Cone’s effect does little for Silver Wolf, but she greatly appreciates the SPD buff and can even take advantage of the Erode DoT, as it counts as a debuff and can help her trigger effects that require multiple debuffs on an enemy, like her A6 Bonus Ability and several of her Eidolons.

However, since Silver Wolf has other good options that are more easily obtained, it is probably better used on a Nihility Path damage dealer like Kafka or Welt.

Additionally, since this Light Cone provides no Effect Hit Rate, it typically forces Silver Wolf to take an Effect Hit Rate Body.

Resolution Shines as Pearls of Sweat
Since DEF Reduction becomes more powerful as it approaches 100% and Silver Wolf already applies more than 50% DEF Reduction across her Ultimate and Talent, the small Ensnared debuff this Light Cone provides can be surprisingly potent.

At lower superimposition levels, the base chance for the debuff is quite low — but Silver Wolf’s three-hit Basic ATK gives it multiple chances to apply, making it more consistent than it may seem.

Like the Aether Code debuff from Incessant Rain, Ensnared only lasts until the enemy’s next turn, so its application must be timed properly.

Additionally, since this Light Cone provides no Effect Hit Rate, it typically forces Silver Wolf to take an Effect Hit Rate Body.

Eyes of the Prey
While Silver Wolf cannot make use of the increased DoT this Light Cone offers, the 24–40% Effect Hit Rate is very helpful, since Silver Wolf needs high EHR to guarantee her most important debuffs.

If you have none of the above options, this is the only free Light Cone aside from the event-exclusive Before the Tutorial Mission Starts that does anything remotely beneficial for Silver Wolf. Even so, the only part of this Light Cone’s passive that benefits her is the 16–32% Break Effect. The increased DMG against enemies affected by Wind Shear or Shock is highly conditional and inconsequential even when active.

For this particular build and playstyle, no other Nihility Light Cone available as of Version 1.5 is useful for Silver Wolf. If you have none of the above Light Cones, use any Light Cone that you already have leveled, including any non-Nihility Light Cones, and upgrade to something on the above list as soon as possible.


Relic Sets

4-Pc Thief of Shooting Meteor
When Silver Wolf is regularly breaking enemies, this set gives her everything she wants.

It just so happens that when playing a one Skill, two Basic rotation with Before the Tutorial Mission Starts, Silver Wolf ends up exactly 3 Energy short of her Ultimate without any additional Energy. If using Tutorial, Thief is an excellent option, providing both extra damage and Action Delay for her Weakness Breaks and giving her the last little bit of Energy she needs.

Even without Tutorial, this set is still a good option, as the 32% Break Effect from the 2-Pc and 4-Pc is quite beneficial, and the Energy can still help occasionally.

4-Pc Genius of Brilliant Stars
Since Silver Wolf applies significant DEF Reduction and can implant a Quantum Weakness, she can take full advantage of the 4-Pc Set Effect’s DEF Ignore and its application to Entanglement damage.

At very high levels of Break Effect, the DEF Ignore from this set allows it to surpass the Thief of Shooting Meteor set in terms of Entanglement damage. Keep in mind, however, that the higher Break Effect from Thief means more Action Delay on enemies, and that Genius provides no extra Energy upon Weakness Break.

If Silver Wolf is using Before the Tutorial Mission Starts and has no other means of getting the last 3 Energy she needs, she will be forced to wait another turn for her Ultimate, or to build Energy Regeneration Rate via a Planar Set or a Link Rope main stat, which can limit her ability to stack Break Effect.

If Silver Wolf uses an Energy Regeneration Rate Link Rope instead of a Break Effect Link Rope, Genius falls behind Thief for Entanglement damage.

2-Pc Combos
If Silver Wolf is not building for Break damage, she only has two goals: go fast, and stay alive.

Possible 2-Pc sets include Messenger Traversing Hackerspace, Guard of Wuthering Snow, Longevous Disciple, and Knight of Purity Palace.
Planar Ornaments

Penacony, Land of the Dreams
When paired with a Quantum-Type damage dealer, Penacony allows Silver Wolf to provide that damage dealer with 10% DMG at all times. In addition, the 5% Energy Regeneration Rate can sometimes be helpful, especially if Silver Wolf is using Before the Tutorial Mission Starts.

Broken Keel
Broken Keel’s party-wide 10% CRIT DMG bonus is always useful for damage dealers that scale with CRIT.

Since Silver Wolf gains no Effect RES from Traces, she will need to make up the missing 20% entirely from substats.

Fleet of the Ageless
If using Silver Wolf in a team with characters whose damage scales with ATK but not CRIT, such as DoT units, Fleet of the Ageless is a good option.

Sprightly Vonwacq
If Silver Wolf is not supporting a Quantum-Type damage dealer but still needs the 5% Energy Regeneration Rate, Sprightly Vonwacq will be slightly more valuable than Penacony, but not enough to make farming a new set worth it.

Talia: Kingdom of Banditry
If Silver Wolf is able to reach the rather high SPD requirement of 145, Talia gives her a total of 36% Break Effect, which can be quite useful for her Break damage. Even with very high Break Effect, however, Silver Wolf will not be dealing a particularly large portion of team damage, so the more supportive sets listed above are generally a better choice.

Pan-Cosmic Commercial Enterprise
While Silver Wolf does need Effect Hit Rate, 10% is a fairly small amount, worth less than 3 Effect Hit Rate substats. Furthermore, the ATK% gained from the secondary effect is almost entirely useless, as Silver Wolf will not deal significant damage with any of her abilities. Greater team damage output can be achieved with any of the above options, and this set should only be used if you are seriously struggling to meet her Effect Hit Rate needs.


Main Stats




Effect Hit Rate if needed.
else, HP% > DEF%
SPDHP% > DEF%Break Effect or Energy Regeneration Rate

Effect Hit Rate (until Weakness implant is guaranteed) > SPD > Break Effect > Effect Hit Rate (until Entanglement is guaranteed)

Some notes on the above stat recommendations

Since Silver Wolf does not do significant damage with her abilities when used as a debuffer, main stat slots that would otherwise be used for ATK%, CRIT, or DMG% on a damage dealer can instead be used for HP% or DEF%. The loss of those damage-focused stats will not noticeably impact the team’s damage output, but the increase in survivability-focused stats will noticeably increase Silver Wolf’s durability. Of the two, HP% is usually better.

A Break Effect Link Rope is generally optimal if Silver Wolf has her 1st Eidolon or is using Before the Tutorial Mission Starts. If Silver Wolf has neither of these or is not reliably breaking enemies, an Energy Regeneration Rate Link Rope is preferred to increase her Ultimate frequency.

Silver Wolf’s Effect Hit Rate requirements can vary significantly, depending on both Silver Wolf’s own Trace and Eidolon levels, as well as the enemy’s Effect RES and Debuff RES. Most enemies in the game have at most 40% Effect RES and at most 50% Entanglement RES or Control Effects RES. A very small number of enemies have higher values, but they are either entirely immune or can only be fought in the Simulated Universe, where there are multiple Blessings that increase allies’ Effect Hit Rate or reduce enemies’ Effect RES.

If you don’t want to go through the math yourself, here’s a good general rule:

  • At Skill Level 6, Silver Wolf needs 108.3% Effect Hit Rate to guarantee a Weakness implant against an enemy with 40% Effect RES. Every additional Skill level reduces the required Effect Hit Rate by about 3%, coming down to 96.1% EHR at Skill Level 10.
  • Against enemies with 40% Effect RES and 50% Entanglement RES or Control Effects RES, Silver Wolf needs 122.2% Effect Hit Rate to guarantee Entanglement. It is impractical to attempt to guarantee Entanglement on enemies with higher RES in either category.

See Soul Fish’s Silver Wolf Energy and Effect Hit Rate sheet for full details on Silver Wolf’s Energy and Effect Hit Rate breakpoints.

Damage Dealer

This build is meant to be used along with the Damage Dealer playstyle.

Some of you are going to do this. We cannot stop you, but we can at least tell you the best way to do it and help you manage your expectations when you are inevitably disappointed.

To view the build recommendations in this section, please agree to the following waiver:

I, the reader, acknowledge that KQM:HSR, its staff, and its affiliates have no responsibility for pain, suffering, and disappointment incurred by following the recommendations in this section. I assume all risks associated with building Silver Wolf as a damage dealer, including broken dreams, subpar damage, high levels of Copium, and any other dangers inherent to the nature of this build.

Congratulations! You made the right choice. Please keep your sanity and move on.

Good luck. You’d better have perseverance or money, because you’ll need at least one of them to make this work.

Trace Priority

> =

Ultimate ≥ Skill > Basic ATK = Talent

When played as a damage dealer, Silver Wolf’s Trace priority depends on how frequently she uses her Ultimate. If she is using her Ultimate at least once per three turns, Skill and Ultimate have roughly equal priority. If she is using her Ultimate more frequently, Ultimate levels take priority over Skill levels. In the end, both should be leveled.

Basic ATK and Talent levels are more or less equivalent, as Silver Wolf’s Basic ATKs will still be dealing decent damage, while her Talent gains no additional utility compared to a debuffer playstyle. Keep in mind that even when built as a damage dealer, she will likely still be using her Basic ATK occasionally, so it’s not entirely useless.

All Trace nodes that provide stat increases should be unlocked.

Light Cones

Incessant Rain
Silver Wolf’s signature Light Cone, and generally her best option when used as a damage dealer. She fully benefits from every effect the Light Cone provides — the Effect Hit Rate allows her more leeway to build CRIT substats, the Aether Code debuff increases her damage against enemies she has already attacked, and the CRIT Rate helps shore up the lack of CRIT in her Traces.

The CRIT Rate increase does require 3 debuffs on an enemy, but Silver Wolf can satisfy that condition pretty easily.

Before the Tutorial Mission Starts
Even with its lower base stats and lack of a damage-focused effect, Before the Tutorial Mission Starts is a surprisingly strong option for a damage-focused Silver Wolf, simply because Silver Wolf’s Ultimate is so powerful. The extra Energy allows Silver Wolf to gain her Ultimate one turn sooner than she would without it in nearly all scenarios, and the Effect Hit Rate allows her to invest almost fully into CRIT substats.

At E0, Tutorial allows Silver Wolf to regain her Ultimate in three turns without any Energy Regeneration Rate, and allows her to regain her Ultimate in two turns with maximum Energy Regeneration Rate (24.4%).

At E1, Tutorial allows Silver Wolf to regain her Ultimate in two turns without any Energy Regeneration Rate — and if she builds maximum Energy Regeneration Rate, it nearly allows her to regain her Ultimate after just one Skill, coming up just 3 Energy short. Defeating an enemy, getting hit, or receiving additional Energy from something like S3 Shared Feeling allows her to bridge the gap, and if she’s built to deal damage, scoring that kill may not be too difficult.

Patience is All You Need
It may seem strange to see Kafka’s signature Light Cone here, but the unconditional DMG% and SPD both greatly benefit a damage-focused Silver Wolf. Furthermore, the Erode DoT counts as a debuff, which can help her trigger effects that require multiple debuffs on the enemy, like her A6 Bonus Ability and several of her Eidolons.

If for some reason you aren’t using this on Kafka and you’re also building her fellow Stellaron Hunter as a damage dealer, she can make great use of it.

In the Name of the World
Silver Wolf almost never attacks an enemy without debuffs, meaning she nearly always benefits from the DMG% portion of this Light Cone’s effect.

As mentioned earlier, Silver Wolf’s Skill has the lowest base chance of all her necessary debuffs; for this reason, the Skill-exclusive Effect Hit Rate increase from this Light Cone will reduce her overall Effect Hit Rate requirements, allowing her to build more CRIT substats.

Good Night and Sleep Well
Silver Wolf applies many debuffs to the same enemy, effortlessly maxing out the DMG% buff from this Light Cone on her own. Even at S1, it’s quite a strong buff — and at S5, this Light Cone can theoretically out-damage every other option on this list.

However, it is difficult to reach the full damage potential of this Light Cone due to its lack of other utility. The other Light Cones above all provide at least one other beneficial stat or effect for Silver Wolf, like Effect Hit Rate, SPD, Energy, or CRIT Rate, making them more consistent or more comfortable to use.


Relic Sets

4-Pc Genius of Brilliant Stars
Genius synergizes perfectly with her kit; Silver Wolf applies a large amount of DEF Reduction on her own and can implant a Quantum Weakness, significantly amplifying the value of the 4-Pc Set Effect.

When using Silver Wolf as a damage dealer, there’s really no other choice. Genius is so far ahead of other options that it doesn’t really matter what you use if you don’t have a 4-Pc set; switch as soon as possible.
Planar Ornaments

Inert Salsotto
Because Silver Wolf typically wants to use her Skill on enemies before she targets them with her Ultimate, her Ultimate tends to be the largest portion of her damage, even in 3-turn rotations. She also greatly appreciates the 8% CRIT Rate, as she has almost no sources of CRIT outside of Relics and external buffs.

Space Sealing Station
While Silver Wolf’s Ultimate is typically the majority of her damage, her Skill and Basic ATK still do quite significant damage on their own, and this set boosts all of them.

Firmament Frontline: Glamoth
In most situations, this Planar Set is simply a sidegrade to Space Sealing Station, providing approximately the same stat volume, albeit with a higher SPD requirement. This set can jump ahead if Silver Wolf is able to reach 160 SPD, but this is only reasonable if using Asta or the Light Cone Patience is All You Need. Without either, reaching 160 SPD would require sacrificing too many CRIT and ATK substats for SPD, lowering overall damage.

Rutilant Arena
As mentioned above, Silver Wolf’s Ultimate tends to represent the largest portion of her damage, making Rutilant Arena a less ideal choice even with its larger DMG% bonuses.

In addition, Silver Wolf can have a hard time reaching 70% CRIT Rate, as she has no CRIT Traces and no Light Cone options that provide CRIT Rate that can activate the set bonus. Unfortunately, the CRIT Rate from Incessant Rain cannot help activate the set bonus, because it is only added when an ability deals damage.


Main Stats




CRITSPD > ATK%Quantum DMG Boost
ATK% (if E6)

CRIT > Effect Hit Rate (until Ultimate DEF Reduction debuff is guaranteed) > ATK% > Effect Hit Rate (until Weakness implant is guaranteed)

Silver Wolf’s stat priority as a damage dealer is fairly similar to Welt’s. Since Silver Wolf will be using her Skill at every opportunity, it is less necessary to guarantee her Weakness implant, but failing to apply her Ultimate’s DEF Reduction can be pretty devastating, so some Effect Hit Rate is still beneficial.

See Soul Fish’s Silver Wolf Energy and Effect Hit Rate sheet for details on Silver Wolf’s Effect Hit Rate breakpoints.

E1 or S1?

Silver Wolf’s 1st Eidolon provides her up to 35 extra Energy when she uses her Ultimate, allowing her to recharge her Ultimate in one less turn than she would otherwise require, giving her better debuff uptime and much more flexibility during battle. At S1, Her signature Light Cone Incessant Rain provides 24% Effect Hit Rate, a one-turn single-target 12% Vulnerability debuff, and 12% conditional CRIT Rate — all useful stats that add to various parts of her utility.

Unfortunately, Incessant Rain simply fails to provide enough to match the value of the Energy that Silver Wolf’s 1st Eidolon brings. If you have Before the Tutorial Mission Starts at S5, it is arguably more valuable to get all six of Silver Wolf’s Eidolons before obtaining Incessant Rain, as it is a downgrade to Tutorial in most cases and a sidegrade at best.

However, if you enjoy playing Welt and don’t have a good Light Cone for him, Incessant Rain might still be a good pickup. Check out the Welt Guide for more details on Welt’s best Light Cones.

Character Comparisons


Pela Sticker 01 - Second Closed Beta

Silver Wolf and Pela both serve effectively the same role in most teams: SP-positive debuffers that increase the damage enemies take from all allies. Both reduce enemy DEF with their Ultimates; Silver Wolf applies a stronger and longer-lasting debuff on a single target, while Pela applies a weaker debuff on all targets.

Silver Wolf can implant Weaknesses in enemies at the cost of Skill Points, which enables unique team compositions and characters that would not normally have an advantage against the enemy content. Pela can dispel enemy buffs with her own Skill, making her a good pick against enemies with troublesome buffs. If you need either of these particular things, there’s no real choice; you take the one you need.

It’s worth noting that Pela can deliver the entirety of her damage-increasing utility without using any Skill Points; this allows her to be a completely universal support that works in any and every team. Silver Wolf can still deliver all her utility while remaining SP positive, but does need to use her Skill occasionally to implant Weaknesses, limiting her synergy with some SP-hungry characters. However, Silver Wolf does have the ability to implant Weaknesses on multiple enemies at once if SP allows, further increasing team damage and her own Ultimate frequency; since Pela’s only damage increase comes from her Ultimate, she has no such option to further debuff enemies without her E4, even if surplus SP is available.

Silver Wolf and Pela don’t always compete for a team slot; since DEF Reduction becomes better as it approaches 100%, Silver Wolf and Pela actually amplify one another’s damage increases. Assuming Trace Level 10, characters at Level 80, and enemies at Level 95:

  • Pela’s Ultimate increases damage against an enemy by ~27.2%.
  • Silver Wolf’s Ultimate and DEF-reducing Bug increase damage against an enemy by ~39.6%.
  • All three debuffs together increase damage against an enemy by ~99.0%.

See the graph below for an illustration (credit: skylarke):

When Silver Wolf’s and Pela’s DEF Reduction is combined, the resulting damage increase is stronger than two independent damage-increasing buffs of the same respective magnitudes that are multiplied together. Far from competing for a team slot, Silver Wolf and Pela actually complement one another quite well.

They do, however, compete for Light Cones. To learn more about Pela’s gear recommendations, check out the Pela Guide.

Notable Synergies

Pela Sticker 01 - Second Closed Beta
Other Sources of DEF Reduction / DEF Ignore
As shown in the Damage Increases section at the beginning of the guide, DEF Reduction gets stronger as it approaches 100%. This means additional sources of DEF Reduction and/or DEF Ignore, which works just like DEF Reduction in the damage formula, but as a character buff instead of an enemy debuff, only make Silver Wolf’s own DEF Reduction more impactful.

DEF Reduction caps at 100%, however, so there is such a thing as too much.
Topaz & Numby Sticker 01 - Jolted Awake From a Winter DreamYanqing Sticker 01 - Final Closed BetaSushang Sticker 03 - Jolted Awake From a Winter Dream
Single-Target Damage Dealers
Because Silver Wolf applies all her debuffs to one target at a time, single-target damage dealers that attack the same enemy multiple times in a row take full advantage of her utility.
Fu Xuan Sticker 02 - Celestial Eyes Above Mortal RuinsLynx Sticker 01 - Celestial Eyes Above Mortal RuinsSeele Emote 03
Quantum-Type Characters
Silver Wolf’s Weakness implant depends on the Combat Types of the characters in the party, and other Quantum-Type characters such as Fu Xuan, Lynx, and Seele can increase the chances of the correct Weakness implant by reducing the number of other Types in the team.

A Quantum-Type sustain and/or support unit can allow Silver Wolf to enable an ally of any Type against any enemy with Quantum Weakness, because she will always implant that ally’s Type. On the flipside, Silver Wolf can always enable a Quantum-Type damage dealer against any enemy without Quantum Weakness, as long as you have teammates that do match the enemy’s Weakness.

In fact, one can even run a “Mono Quantum” team consisting of Silver Wolf and three other Quantum-Type characters, which always guarantees a Quantum Weakness implant. However, such a team is almost always less effective than substituting a more appropriate support whose Type matches the enemy’s Weakness.

Notable Anti-Synergies

Silver Wolf has no notable anti-synergies because her utility is entirely dependent on debuffing enemies and she is capable of doing so while remaining SP positive (one enemy) or SP neutral (two enemies).

Because she cannot deliver the entirety of her utility without using Skill Points and her debuffs are all single-target, she can be less valuable alongside SP-hungry characters or AoE-only damage dealers, but this alone is not enough to create an anti-synergy.


How to Build Teams with Silver Wolf

Silver Wolf is somewhat unique in that she has no particularly strong synergies or anti-synergies with any specific units, and instead is best used as a deliberate counter to certain enemy content. Because of this, there are no fixed team archetypes for Silver Wolf, and her team compositions depend entirely on what characters you have available to you and what enemies you are facing. In order to illustrate how teambuilding with Silver Wolf should typically proceed, the example teams in this section will come with a particular enemy or set of enemies that Silver Wolf is being used to counter.

Silver Wolf is most beneficial in a team if the enemy you are facing does not have a Weakness Type that matches the Combat Type of the character or characters you wish to use. This could be for one of several reasons:

  • You don’t have a damage dealer or breaker that matches the Weakness of the enemy you’re facing, and you need that to successfully or comfortably defeat the enemy.
  • You want to use a character that has specific desirable interactions with Weakness Break, but their Type does not match the enemy’s Weakness.
  • You simply want to use a particular character over others, and that character’s Type does not match the enemy’s Weakness.

Silver Wolf can also be used as a generic single-target debuffer even against enemies that already have Weakness to your damage dealer’s Type, but this ignores a large part of her utility and damage amplification, often to such a degree that bringing a Harmony unit or a second damage dealer would be a better choice.

Once you’ve decided Silver Wolf is an appropriate choice against a particular enemy lineup, there is one general rule you should try to follow when crafting a team.

An ideal Silver Wolf team will match every Weakness on the enemy except one; this guarantees a specific implanted Weakness as long as her Weakness implant succeeds. If the team has more than one damage Type that does not match the enemy’s Weaknesses, Silver Wolf is not guaranteed to implant the desired Weakness Type, and you will be at the mercy of randomness. That doesn’t mean such a team is necessarily bad — it just means there will be more variance between battles, and you need to have a backup plan in case Silver Wolf implants the wrong Weakness.

In cases where the desired Weakness implant is not guaranteed, team SP flexibility can be valuable, allowing Silver Wolf more SP to retry a Weakness implant until the correct one lands. Additionally, against content like Memory of Chaos, you can retry a battle until the right Weakness is implanted, but this won’t work within the Simulated Universe.

Teambuilding examples follow.

Quantum-Weak enemies

Against Quantum-Weak enemies, Silver Wolf has free reign. Because the enemy already has a Quantum Weakness, Silver Wolf will always implant a Weakness corresponding to the Type of a different ally on the team, making teambuilding much easier.

Ice Out of Space: Weak to Fire, Wind, and Quantum

Example Teams

Silver Wolf — Asta — Natasha — Sushang

You can exploit the enemy’s Fire Weakness to allow Asta onto the team while still ensuring that a Physical Weakness implant is guaranteed for Sushang.

Silver Wolf — Bailu — Kafka — Tingyun

Sometimes, it’s possible to take Silver Wolf alongside three characters of the same Type. Since everyone else is Lightning-Type and the enemy is Weak to Quantum, Silver Wolf will always implant Lightning Weakness.

Silvermane Lieutenant: Weak to Physical, Ice, and Quantum

Example Teams

Silver Wolf — Topaz — Hanya — Gepard

Because Topaz is a single-target damage dealer, she and Silver Wolf have natural synergy. Note that this team has four different Types, but a Fire Weakness implant is still guaranteed, because the enemy’s Weaknesses are matched perfectly. For a more accessible version of the team, Hanya and Gepard could be replaced with Natasha and Pela.

Silver Wolf — Bronya — Blade — Fu Xuan

An expensive but effective team, with only two Types. Silver Wolf will always implant Wind Weakness.

Decaying Shadow

Decaying Shadow: Weak to Fire, Lightning, and Wind

Example Teams

Silver Wolf — Bronya — Bailu — Seele

You can take Silver Wolf and Seele alongside a Wind and Lightning-Type character to guarantee the Quantum Weakness implant.

Silver Wolf — Bronya — Jingliu — Lynx

This team forgoes a guaranteed Weakness implant in favor of raw damage increases. Even so, it’s still a 50:50 to implant Ice Weakness, and Silver Wolf can Weakness Break the enemy for decent damage if a Quantum Weakness is implanted.

Shape Shifter

Shape Shifter: Weak to Ice, Wind, and Imaginary

Example Teams

Silver Wolf — Pela — Luocha — Qingque

The Shape Shifter always summons two Mara-Struck Soldiers alongside it, which already have Quantum Weakness. This allows Silver Wolf to focus her guaranteed Quantum Weakness implants on the Shape Shifter, allowing Qingque’s Blast to deal full damage to all three enemies.

Silver Wolf is not fully SP positive, but both Pela and Luocha are, giving Qingque plenty of SP to work with.

Silver Wolf — Topaz — Asta — Gepard

Since the enemy has neither Quantum nor Fire Weakness, either can be implanted. If a Fire Weakness is implanted, Topaz can focus her attacks on the Shape Shifter and Asta can gain even more Charging stacks. If a Quantum Weakness is implanted, Topaz and Asta can focus on the adjacent Mara-Struck Soldiers, which have Fire Weakness, while Silver Wolf attempts another Weakness implant. Topaz and Asta are both very SP-flexible, so they can easily switch to Basic ATKs to give Silver Wolf more chances to use her Skill.


Gepard: Weak to Physical, Lightning, and Imaginary

Example Teams

Silver Wolf — Luocha — Tingyun — Seele

If given enough turns, Gepard summons a Silvermane Lieutenant to his side. Since Silvermane Lieutenants have Quantum Weakness, a Quantum damage dealer is a great choice so Silver Wolf can focus her debuffs entirely on Gepard. Taking Tingyun and Luocha will guarantee the Quantum Weakness implant against Gepard.

Silver Wolf — Natasha — Welt — Tingyun

Remember that Gepard will summon Silvermane Lieutenants to his side, who have Quantum and Physical Weaknesses. That means you can take a damage dealer who already matches Gepard’s Weakness but doesn’t match his summons’ Weaknesses, and instead focus Silver Wolf’s Weakness implant on the summons. This is not always the most effective use of Silver Wolf, but it’s interesting and viable nonetheless.

Cocolia and Bronya

Cocolia: Weak to Fire, Lightning, and Quantum
Bronya: Weak to Physical, Fire, and Imaginary

In the final Boss fight of Simulated Universe World 6, Cocolia summons Bronya to her aid, a dangerous second Boss with a different set of Weaknesses than Cocolia. If you don’t have a Fire damage dealer, this fight can be quite difficult, as the two Bosses’ only shared Weakness is Fire. Fortunately, Silver Wolf can easily enable a Quantum, Physical, or Imaginary damage dealer to work well against both.

Note that because both enemies have a Fire Weakness, a Fire character is essentially a free slot, because Silver Wolf will never implant a Weakness already innate to an enemy. This makes Asta, a support with SP flexibility and universally beneficial utility that benefits from facing multiple enemies with Fire Weakness, a fantastic option against this duo when paired with Silver Wolf.

Remember what an ideal Silver Wolf team looks like: it will match every Weakness on the enemy except one. Against these two enemies, this is easier than it may seem. Three team archetypes work:

Quantum / Physical / (Fire)
Silver Wolf — Fu Xuan / Lynx — Asta / Hanya — Sushang

Since the damage dealer in this team is Physical-Type and Bronya already has Physical Weakness, the primary target of Silver Wolf’s Weakness implant should be Cocolia. If SP allows, Bronya can also be targeted with a Weakness implant, allowing Silver Wolf to deal extra Toughness damage.

Quantum / Imaginary / (Fire)
Silver Wolf — Fu Xuan / Lynx / Luocha — Yukong / Asta — Welt

Much like the team above, this setup ensures Silver Wolf implants an Imaginary Weakness on Cocolia, allowing an Imaginary-Type damage dealer like Welt to reach maximum effectiveness.

Quantum / Fire
Silver Wolf — Fu Xuan / Lynx — Asta — Seele / Qingque

This team takes three Quantum-Type characters to the fight, but substitutes Asta in as a support option, because a fourth Quantum character would be less effective. In this case, the Weakness implant should be targeted towards Bronya instead of Cocolia, to guarantee a Quantum Weakness.





Soul Fish





Special Thanks



Silver Wolf Debuff Damage Increases by jas
Silver Wolf Energy and Effect Hit Rate by Soul Fish


  • 06 December 2023 – Published for v1.5

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