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Bronya Guide

Updated for Version 1.6

Note that the information given may change if new discoveries are made. More extensive testing is in progress.

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Bronya is a 5-Star Wind-Type Harmony character available from the Stellar Warp, Departure Warp, and all Character Event Warps. Able to manipulate the turn order, cleanse debuffs, and provide some of the strongest buffs in all of Honkai: Star Rail, Bronya has earned a reputation as being one of the most powerful characters in the entire game.

While Bronya’s power is undeniable, her kit contains numerous eccentricities that need to be understood and built around in order to maximize her potential. It is not uncommon for players looking to get the most from the Princess of Belobog to own multiple Relic sets for Bronya, or to build her with a single character in mind.


Character Overview

Bronya’s Skill is one of the few sources of complete Action Advance in the game, causing the targeted character to act immediately, regardless of their current position in the turn order. Other Action Advance abilities often lack this feature, instead Advancing by a fixed amount. Her Skill’s ability to both cleanse debuffs and apply a large DMG% buff to its target cements it as one of the most powerful abilities in all of Honkai: Star Rail, warping the game around its power to such an extent that Bronya is always among the first considerations when building a team.

Bronya’s Ultimate provides a strong teamwide buff to ATK and CRIT DMG, partially scaling with her own CRIT DMG. On top of the significant damage increase this provides to the damage dealer, the party-wide nature of this buff can also allow offensively capable supports to contribute some additional damage at high investment.

By applying an Action Advance to Bronya whenever she uses her Basic ATK, Bronya’s Talent both possesses the risk of desynchronizing rotations, and the reward of allowing Bronya to play a number of different rotations to fit into different teams and strategies. There is no single Bronya SPD threshold that works for all teams, and proper use of Bronya means building around the team, and the team around her.


Basic ATK

Basic ATK | Windrider Bullet

Trace Description

Windrider Bullet [Single Target]

Deals Wind DMG equal to 50%/100%/110% of Bronya’s ATK to a single enemy.

Even with 100% CRIT Rate and Bronya’s multiple Wind DMG% stat Traces, this does not tend to deal much damage. It is impressive for a support, but not worth building into.


Skill | Combat Redeployment

Trace Description

Combat Redeployment [Support]

Dispels a debuff from a single ally, allows them to immediately take action, and increases their DMG by 33%/66%/72.6% for 1 turn(s).
When this Skill is used on Bronya herself, she cannot immediately take action again.

An extraordinarily powerful ability, well worth the Skill Point it costs. Depending on how Bronya is played, this ability allows her to grant a selected ally up to twice as many actions as they would normally take, and nearly triple the damage they would normally deal.

As if this wasn’t enough, it also cleanses a debuff on use.


Ultimate | The Belobog March

Trace Description

The Belobog March [Support]

Increases the ATK of all allies by 33%/55%/59.4%, and increases their CRIT DMG equal to 12%/16.0%/16.8% of Bronya’s CRIT DMG plus 12%/20.0%/21.6% for 2 turn(s).

Provides a powerful ATK and CRIT DMG buff, partially scaling with Bronya’s own CRIT DMG.

The portion of CRIT DMG from Bronya’s Ultimate that scales with her own CRIT DMG is rather low, but is impactful enough that CRIT DMG is still a valuable stat for her.


Talent | Leading the Way

Trace Description

Leading the Way [Enhance]

After using her Basic ATK, Bronya’s next action will be Advanced Forward by 15%/30%/33%.

The Action Advance when using a Basic ATK can allow Bronya to run SP-neutral or even SP-positive rotations with proper SPD tuning.

Care should be taken when using a Basic ATK, due to the potential to desynchronize rotations when the Action Advance is not properly accounted for.


Technique | Banner of Command

Trace Description

Banner of Command [Support]

After using Bronya’s Technique, at the start of the next battle, all allies’ ATK increases by 15% for 2 turn(s).

A small ATK boost for the first few turns of battle is useful when trying to clear content quickly.

A2 Bonus

Ascension 2 Bonus Ability | Command

Trace Description


The CRIT Rate for Basic ATK increases to 100%.

Even with 100% CRIT Rate, Bronya should not be built for damage.

A4 Bonus

Ascension 4 Bonus Ability | Battlefield

Trace Description


At the start of the battle, all allies’ DEF increases by 20% for 2 turn(s).

The brief DEF increase at the start of battle can help allies survive enemy burst damage, making fast-clearing teams without a sustain unit slightly more comfortable.

A6 Bonus

Ascension 6 Bonus Ability | Military Might

Trace Description

Military Might

When Bronya is on the field, all allies deal 10% more DMG.

Free damage is free damage.

Note: Trace levels shown are 1/10/12 (Basic ATK 1/6/7).

Trace Priority


> > =

Skill > Ultimate > Talent = Basic ATK

Alternating & Double Alternating

> >

Talent ≥ Skill > Ultimate > Basic ATK

Bronya generally wants all of her Traces except for her Basic ATK leveled, but you can avoid leveling her Talent when using Skillspam playstyles. Her Talent should be prioritized for Alternating and Double Alternating playstyles, as it reduces the high SPD thresholds for those playstyles.

For more information on these playstyles, see the Playstyles section below.


Eidolon 1

Eidolon 1 | Hone Your Strength

Eidolon Description

When using Skill, there is a 50% fixed chance of recovering 1 Skill Point. This effect has a 1-turn cooldown.

Increased SP efficiency is very much appreciated, and given that E1’s cooldown also ticks down when using a Basic ATK, it can make her SP positive in certain playstyles.

Eidolon 2

Eidolon 2 | Quick March

Eidolon Description

When using Skill, the target ally’s SPD increases by 30% after taking action, lasting for 1 turn.

This Eidolon can affect the SPD thresholds for her various playstyles and should be factored into SPD calculations.

See the E2 SPD Tuning section for details on exactly how Bronya’s SPD thresholds change with this Eidolon.

Eidolon 3

Eidolon 3 | Bombardment

Eidolon Description

Ultimate Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
Talent Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.

Talent levels reduce the amount of SPD Bronya needs for playstyles where she uses her Basic ATK. Ultimate levels provide a small increase to her ATK and CRIT DMG buffs.

Eidolon 4

Eidolon 4 | Take by Surprise

Eidolon Description

After an ally other than Bronya uses Basic ATK on an enemy with Wind Weakness, Bronya immediately launches a follow-up attack on the target, dealing Wind DMG equal to 80% of Bronya’s Basic ATK DMG. This effect can only be triggered 1 time per turn.

Gives Bronya slightly more Toughness damage, but does not benefit from her A2 Bonus Ability, so the damage is negligible. It can also benefit teams with Topaz, because the follow-up attack from this Eidolon can Advance Numby’s turn.

Generates 5 Energy when triggered.

Eidolon 5

Eidolon 5 | Unstoppable

Eidolon Description

Skill Lv. +2, up to a maximum of Lv. 15.
Basic ATK Lv. +1, up to a maximum of Lv. 10.

Skill levels provide more DMG% to the unit she Advances. Basic ATK levels marginally increase her already insignificant personal damage.

Eidolon 6

Eidolon 6 | Piercing Rainbow

Eidolon Description

The duration of the DMG Boost effect placed by the Skill on the target ally increases by 1 turn(s).

This Eidolon can allow Bronya to maintain 100% uptime on her Skill’s DMG buff on one ally. It’s particularly notable for characters that deal significant damage outside of their turn, like Topaz and Jing Yuan.


Bronya has several distinct playstyles, which can be distinguished in two ways: her SP economy, and her SPD relative to the damage dealer she targets with her Skill. The chart below neatly categorizes her five major playstyles. Each playstyle will be explained in its own section.

SkillspamSlow SkillspamFast Skillspam
AlternatingSlow AlternatingFast Alternating
Double AlternatingN/A*Fast Double Alternating
*While a Slow Double Alternating playstyle is technically possible, it is not included in this guide because it wastes much of Bronya’s potential utility and is strictly outclassed by every other playstyle.

The choice of Bronya playstyle depends on the SP economy of the rest of the team, as well as the SPD of the damage dealer. The Bronya playstyles that consume more SP tend to result in more damage, but may be unsustainable with more SP-intensive characters like Dan Heng • Imbibitor Lunae or Huohuo. Both Bronya’s 1st Eidolon and her signature Light Cone But the Battle Isn’t Over can help alleviate these high SP needs, but cannot negate them entirely.

A Need for SPD

To effectively use Bronya with any damage dealer, she must be properly SPD tuned to that damage dealer — that is, the relationship between their SPD values must follow certain rules. The exact SPD thresholds for each playstyle are detailed in the sections below.

It is not required for Bronya to be exactly at the optimal SPD threshold in order to achieve good results with any of her playstyles. Closer is better, but in general, as long as Bronya is within 5–10% of the ideal SPD threshold for the playstyle you are aiming for, you should be fine.

Slow Skillspam

You may have also seen this playstyle referred to as “Slowya,” “Slow Bronya,” or “–1 Bronya.”

The most commonly recognized Bronya playstyle, a Slow Skillspam Bronya uses her Skill at every opportunity while acting just after the main damage dealer, approximately tripling their damage output while rapidly consuming SP to do so.

A Slow Skillspam Bronya should have close to, but not more than, 100% of the damage dealer’s SPD.

When playing a Slow Skillspam Bronya, Bronya and the damage dealer she is Advancing with her Skill will follow a consistent, repeating sequence of 3 actions:

  • Damage Dealer Action
  • Bronya Skill (targets damage dealer)
  • Damage Dealer Action (buffed by Bronya’s Skill)
  • (repeat)

Video credit: Peekays

While Slow Skillspam is easy to build and play, the extremely high SP consumption can be crippling to teams without high SP generation. In many cases, even two fully SP-positive characters cannot sustain the SP consumption of a fully SP-negative damage dealer played with a Slow Skillspam Bronya. This means that in some teams, it is ideal for the damage dealer to perform a Basic ATK on some or all of the turns they do not have Bronya’s Skill buff, so they can use their Skill while buffed.

Characters That Can Utilize Slow Skillspam Bronya

Blade Sticker 05 - Even Immortality Ends
Blade’s low SP consumption gives a Slow Skillspam Bronya much more leeway to use her Skill frequently. Additionally, the benefits Blade gains from ATK buffs are limited due to his abilities scaling primarily with HP instead of ATK. While Bronya’s Ultimate buffs ATK and not HP, her Action Advance, DMG% buffs, and CRIT DMG buffs are extremely valuable for Blade.
Jingliu Sticker 03 - Jolted Awake From a Winter Dream
Jingliu’s lower-than-average SP consumption means that pairing her with the SP-intensive Slow Skillspam Bronya is manageable. Bronya’s frequent Action Advances allow Jingliu to enter Spectral Transmigration faster, which greatly enhances the damage of her Ultimate and Enhanced Skill. Jingliu already gains a large amount of ATK and CRIT Rate from her Talent, and thus greatly appreciates DMG% and CRIT DMG buffs like Bronya’s.
Seele Emote 02
Seele, despite her reputation for consuming All Of The Skill Points, is actually fairly SP flexible. In practical scenarios, Seele will use her Basic ATK fairly frequently in battle, usually either to trigger Resurgence off a low HP enemy or to take advantage of her A6 Action Advance. Because of this, it can sometimes be feasible to play Seele with a Slow Skillspam Bronya.
Pela Sticker 02 - Celestial Eyes Above Mortal RuinsLuocha Sticker 02
Teams with good SP economy
The intense SP requirements of a Slow Skillspam Bronya make it difficult to maintain without high team SP generation. As long as a team is capable of generating enough SP to support the SP costs of both Bronya and the damage dealer, a Slow Skillspam Bronya is ideal.

Fast Skillspam

You may have also seen this playstyle referred to as “Hyperspeed Bronya.”

Like in the Slow Skillspam playstyle, a Fast Skillspam Bronya uses her Skill at every possible opportunity. However, unlike a Slow Skillspam Bronya, a Fast Skillspam Bronya should have higher SPD than the damage dealer. This way, Bronya always acts first, and then Advances the damage dealer the rest of the way, granting them a significant DMG boost at the same time.

A Fast Skillspam Bronya should have SPD as high as possible, and the damage dealer she’s paired with should ignore SPD entirely in favor of other offensive stats.

When playing a Fast Skillspam Bronya, Bronya and the damage dealer she is Advancing with her Skill will follow a consistent, repeating sequence of 2 actions:

  • Bronya Skill (targets damage dealer)
  • Damage Dealer Action (buffed by Bronya’s Skill)
  • (repeat)
Video credit: Peekays

While the Fast Skillspam playstyle does not provide as much of a damage increase as the Slow Skillspam playstyle, it generally results in more damage than the three Alternating playstyles. It also lies between Slow Skillspam and the Alternating playstyles in terms of overall SP usage. This playstyle can be sustainable on most teams with two fast SP-positive characters, like Luocha or Pela, in the last two team slots. With Bronya’s signature Light Cone But the Battle Isn’t Over, this playstyle also boasts the best uptime for Bronya’s Ultimate.

Characters That Can Utilize Fast Skillspam Bronya

Blade Sticker 05 - Even Immortality Ends
While Blade is still best paired with a Slow Skillspam Bronya, his low Base SPD and SP cost make him an excellent pairing with a Fast Skillspam Bronya as well. It is competitive in damage output with Slow Skillspam Bronya in many cases, especially due to the high SPD investment on Blade that may be needed when paired with a Slow Skillspam Bronya and the difficulty of finding good SPD Boots.
Jingliu Sticker 03 - Jolted Awake From a Winter Dream
Jingliu consumes fewer Skill Points than most damage dealers, which means the team can allocate more SP to Bronya. A Slow Skillspam Bronya will allow Jingliu to take more turns overall, but only gives Jingliu one Bronya Skill-buffed turn in each Spectral Transmigration state. A Fast Skillspam Bronya gives Jingliu fewer turns overall, but more of them are buffed, leading to higher burst damage potential.
Hook Sticker - Second Closed Beta
Characters with low SPD
Technically, all characters can be used with a Fast Skillspam Bronya simply by having a lower SPD than Bronya, but the larger the SPD gap between the damage dealer and Bronya, the more efficient this playstyle can be.

The realities of Relic farming can also inform your choice of Bronya playstyle. If you happen to have ATK Boots (or HP for Blade) that rolled much better substats than any of your SPD Boots, it can be better to use the ATK Boots along with a Fast Skillspam Bronya, instead of settling with poorly rolled SPD Boots and a Slow Skillspam Bronya.

Slow Alternating

The Slow Alternating playstyle has Bronya significantly slower than the damage dealer, relying on her Talent’s self-Advance to keep pace with the damage dealer on every third action. While only half as potent in terms of raw buffing potential as a Slow Skillspam Bronya, a Slow Alternating Bronya is SP neutral, significantly reducing the SP consumption of the team. As Bronya does not need to be as fast as the damage dealer she is buffing, this also gives more room for the damage dealer to stack SPD through buffs or Light Cones without requiring Bronya to achieve an equivalent or higher level of SPD.

At Talent Level 10 or below, a Slow Alternating Bronya should have close to, but not more than, 85% of the damage dealer’s SPD.

When playing a Slow Alternating Bronya, Bronya and the damage dealer she is Advancing with her Skill will follow a consistent, repeating sequence of 5 actions:

  • Damage Dealer Action
  • Bronya Skill (targets damage dealer)
  • Damage Dealer Action (buffed by Bronya’s Skill)
  • Damage Dealer Action
  • Bronya Basic ATK
  • (repeat)
Video credit: Peekays

Slow Alternating Bronya offers the lowest potential output of all Bronya builds in exchange for being usable with even the fastest of characters while maintaining SP neutrality. However, if the SPD necessary to play Fast Double Alternating can be achieved, Slow Alternating is strictly outclassed by that variation instead.

When playing a Slow Alternating Bronya, the turns where Bronya uses a Basic ATK should result in an Action Order as shown in the image above, where Bronya acts immediately after the damage dealer.

Characters That Can Utilize Slow Alternating Bronya

Dan Heng • Imbibitor Lunae Sticker 03 - Celestial Eyes Above Mortal Ruins
Imbibitor Lunae
Dan Heng • Imbibitor Lunae can consume up to 3 SP per turn, making it impossible to maintain a Skillspam Bronya with Imbibitor Lunae without using some of his turns to Basic ATK. Alternating Bronya can better enable Imbibitor Lunae’s ravenous hunger for SP, especially with her E1 and signature Light Cone.
Seele Emote 03
Seele’s very high SPD and potentially high SP consumption can make a Slow Alternating Bronya playstyle attractive, especially if you wish to bring other supports on the team that aren’t fully SP positive, like Silver Wolf or Huohuo. Since Seele’s SPD is so high, Bronya might even use SPD Boots when played this way with Seele.

There’s more, though: Seele’s A6 Bonus ability grants her 20% Action Advance upon using a Basic ATK. This means that with Seele, Bronya can be played in a Slow Alternating fashion at slightly higher SPD than normal, as long as Seele uses at least one Basic ATK on her first or second action after each Bronya Skill.

Fast Alternating

You may have also seen this playstyle referred to as “Fastya” or “Fast Bronya.”

The often unattainable dream Bronya build, combining the power of Skillspam Bronya with the SP economy of Alternating Bronya to create the perfect pairing. By stacking incredible amounts of SPD, it is possible for Bronya to alternate between her Basic ATK and Skill while still matching the pace of a slow damage dealer. Fast Alternating Bronya enables higher team damage output than Slow Alternating or Double Alternating Bronya, but still less than either Skillspam Bronya variant due to requiring the damage dealer to be slower than they would otherwise be in order to function.

At Talent Level 10 or below, a Fast Alternating Bronya should have close to, but not more than, 170% of the damage dealer’s SPD.

Fast Alternating Bronya’s upper SPD threshold is often very high, frequently reaching 170+ SPD for most characters. It is perfectly fine to settle for a lower SPD value — even below 160 — as the Trailblaze Power spent farming for a few extra SPD substats can often be better spent elsewhere. Often, this will not result in a notable decrease in performance due to the larger amounts of SPD required to save a single point of AV at such high SPD values.

When playing a Fast Alternating Bronya, Bronya and the damage dealer she is Advancing with her Skill will follow a consistent, repeating sequence of 4 actions:

  • Damage Dealer Action
  • Bronya Skill (targets damage dealer)
  • Damage Dealer Action (buffed by Bronya’s Skill)
  • Bronya Basic ATK
  • (repeat)
Video credit: Peekays

If played with a fast character like Seele, the SPD Bronya needs for a Fast Alternating playstyle is outright unattainable, often well over 200 SPD. However, for slow enough damage dealers, it is possible to achieve Fast Alternating status with sufficient SPD substats and Set Effects on Bronya and opting not to run SPD main stats or substats on the damage dealer.

When playing a Fast Alternating Bronya, the turns where Bronya uses a Basic ATK should result in an Action Order as shown in the image above, where Bronya acts immediately after the damage dealer.

Characters That Can Utilize Fast Alternating Bronya

Blade Sticker 05 - Even Immortality Ends
While Blade’s low SP consumption means that he has no issues with a Skillspam Bronya, some Blade teams want to run him alongside another SP-negative damage dealer or a SP-intensive support. Fast Alternating Bronya can support Blade while maintaining SP neutrality and superior Ultimate uptime.

If you haven’t gotten the memo yet, Blade works pretty well with Bronya.
Hook Sticker - Celestial Eyes Above Mortal Ruins
With her combination of low SPD and a Skill-centric playstyle, Hook is an ideal candidate for Fast Alternating Bronya. Taking more actions allows Hook to exploit Burn for additional Energy, while Fast Alternating Bronya in particular helps Hook to maintain the SP required for a deluge of Enhanced Skills.
Argenti Sticker 02 - The Crepuscule Zone
Argenti wants Energy by any means available, and more actions directly translate to more Energy, regardless of what he does on those turns. When paired with either her 1st Eidolon or her signature Light Cone But the Battle Isn’t Over, a Fast Alternating Bronya can maintain a steady stream of buffs and enhance Argenti’s Ultimate to absurd levels of damage output.

When running Argenti with Bronya, it is worth deviating from the Fast Alternating Rotation in scenarios where Argenti has his Ultimate but is not buffed by Bronya, delaying his Ultimate in order to apply Bronya’s powerful DMG buff to it. The rotation will easily resynchronize after using Bronya’s Skill on Argenti.
Jingliu Sticker 04 - Jolted Awake From a Winter Dream
Any character that works well with Fast Skillspam Bronya
Generally, a damage dealer will have exactly the same build when played with a Fast Skillspam Bronya and a Fast Alternating Bronya — SPD Boots exchanged for ATK (or HP, for HP scalers like Blade), and SPD substats exchanged for damage-oriented substats like CRIT, if possible.

The difference is that a Fast Skillspam Bronya will generally produce slightly higher damage output, but require more SP-positive teammates, while a Fast Alternating Bronya will produce slightly lower damage output, but allow teammates that consume more SP. If the additional SP allowed by a Fast Alternating Bronya can be effectively converted into additional utility by the other supports, it can sometimes even lead to higher overall output than with Fast Skillspam Bronya.

Fast Double Alternating

Existing as a midpoint between Slow and Fast Alternating, Fast Double Alternating has Bronya using two Basic ATKs after each Skill, while the damage dealer takes three actions per Bronya Skill. The primary advantage that the Fast Double Alternating playstyle has over other builds is its exceptionally high SP economy to buff ratio, being the only efficient Bronya playstyle that manages to be SP positive.

At Talent Level 10 or below, a Fast Double Alternating Bronya should have close to, but not more than, 120% of the damage dealer’s SPD.

When playing a Fast Double Alternating Bronya, Bronya and the damage dealer she is Advancing with her Skill will follow a consistent, repeating sequence of 6 actions:

  • Damage Dealer Action
  • Bronya Skill (targets damage dealer)
  • Damage Dealer Action (buffed by Bronya’s Skill)
  • Bronya Basic ATK
  • Damage Dealer Action
  • Bronya Basic ATK
  • (repeat)
Video credit: Peekays

Notably, the Energy Regeneration Rate from Bronya’s signature Light Cone But the Battle Isn’t Over is actually relevant for this playstyle. Without it, Bronya will alternate between a 4-turn and a 5-turn Ultimate, but with it, she will always gain her Ultimate in four actions, even when only one of those four actions is a Skill.

Characters That Can Utilize Fast Double Alternating Bronya

Dan Heng • Imbibitor Lunae Sticker 03 - Celestial Eyes Above Mortal Ruins
Imbibitor Lunae
Dan Heng • Imbibitor Lunae can consume up to 3 SP per turn, making it impossible to maintain a Skillspam Bronya with him without sacrificing Bronya actions to Basic ATK. Double Alternating Bronya has the highest ability to fuel Imbibitor Lunae’s explosive burst potential, provided Bronya can stack sufficient SPD. When combined with additional sources of Energy and SP such as Tingyun, Hanya, Huohuo, or Bronya’s Eidolons or signature Light Cone, it becomes possible for Imbibitor Lunae to use two Enhanced Basic ATKs back to back while taking full advantage of Bronya’s Skill.

Due to his truly exceptional SP thirst and lack of a self SPD buff, Imbibitor Lunae takes full advantage of Fast Double Alternating Bronya.
Huohuo Sticker 01 - The Crepuscule Zone
Compared to other sustain units, Huohuo’s higher SP requirements can cause strain on a team’s SP economy. Double Alternating Bronya, particularly with either her signature Light Cone or E1, greatly helps to alleviate this.

Playstyle Quick Reference

This section is provided as a reference for readers that already understand Bronya’s mechanics well and simply want a quick refresher on her playstyles and SPD thresholds. If you do not yet understand Bronya’s playstyles, read about them above and come back to this later. If you do not understand SPD, you can learn about it in the KQM SPD Guide.

The table below summarizes the various Bronya playstyles. For the values in the ‘Bronya SPD’ column, Bronya is assumed to have a Level 10 Talent. Talent levels don’t matter for Skillspam playstyles, but a lower Talent level will increase the SPD threshold for Alternating playstyles slightly, while a higher Talent level will decrease it slightly.

Key for the action sequence column:
D = Damage dealer action
S = Bronya Skill
B = Bronya Basic

PlaystyleBronya SPD relative to damage dealerRepeating Action SequenceBronya SP generation / consumption
per Skill use
Video Example
Slow Skillspam< 100%D S D-1Slow Skillspam Video
Fast SkillspamAs high as possibleS D-1Fast Skillspam Video
Slow Alternating< 85%D S D, D, B0Slow Alternating Video
Fast Alternating< 170%D S D, B0Fast Alternating Video
Fast Double Alternating< 120%D S D, B, D, B+1Fast Double Alternating Video

E2 Bronya

With Bronya’s 2nd Eidolon unlocked, her Skill grants the targeted ally a 30% SPD increase after they act until the beginning of their next turn. Since it only increases the buffed unit’s SPD, it does not break the SPD tuning for any of the above playstyles, and therefore can be safely ignored. However, if you choose to tune around it, it can widen the range of SPD options available for certain playstyles. If you’re interested in optimizing Bronya with her E2 in mind, see the E2 SPD Tuning section at the end of the guide.


While Bronya can be played in many different ways, her Light Cone, Relic set, and Planar set recommendations do not change across playstyles. Her SPD requirements do change, but the exact details of the different playstyles and their SPD requirements can be found in the Playstyles section above.


Relic Sets

Anything with suitable SPD values
Having the ideal SPD to play the desired Bronya playstyle for your team is far more important than any Set Effect in the game. It is certainly better to have the correct SPD while also having proper Set Effects, but you should not chase sets over substats when building Bronya.

2-Pc Messenger Traversing Hackerspace
For Bronya, proper SPD tuning is more important than anything, and the 2-Pc Messenger Traversing Hackerspace set is just another way to get more SPD. On Bronya, the Set Effect is worth approximately 6 SPD; if this, in combination with the SPD substats on the Messenger pieces themselves, is more than you can achieve with any other pieces, it is worth using.

4-Pc Messenger Traversing Hackerspace
A strong option for Bronya, though it has some caveats. A party-wide SPD increase whenever Bronya uses her Ultimate can be quite valuable, particularly for faster Bronya builds that allow her to use her Ultimate quickly.

The caveat is this: as the 4-Pc Set Effect of Messenger Traversing Hackerspace modifies SPD for the entire party, it is possible for it to desynchronize rotations, especially if Bronya’s Ultimate is used shortly before the damage dealer’s turn, or if the damage dealer she’s Advancing has a lower Base SPD than she does.

To always avoid desynchronization, Bronya should be at least 2 SPD below the threshold for her chosen playstyle.

4-Pc Guard of Wuthering Snow
For those seeking a more durable Bronya, 4-Pc Guard of Wuthering Snow sacrifices the SPD increase of some other sets for DMG Reduction and healing. As Bronya’s teams can be extremely SP intensive, any SP spent healing Bronya can throw the team’s rotation into turmoil, as SP spent by sustain units is both SP expended, and SP not generated through Basic ATKs.

Guard of Wuthering Snow is also extremely efficient to farm, being valuable on many supports and sharing a Cavern with Genius of Brilliant Stars, which is effective on most damage dealers.

4-Pc Passerby Of Wandering Cloud
While Bronya cannot heal, teams that want to utilize all of their Skills in the first round of combat typically require more than 3 SP to do so. Equipping Passerby of Wandering Cloud on Bronya can help to alleviate this SP hunger.

As this set can also be effectively used by Abundance characters, and some characters such as Seele and Dan Heng • Imbibitor Lunae are capable of consuming multiple Skill Points in a single turn, it is worth considering running two 4-Pc sets of Passerby of Wandering Cloud in some teams.

4-Pc Musketeer of Wild Wheat
Though Bronya gains effectively no benefit from Musketeer of Wild Wheat’s 2-Pc Set Effect, the 4-Pc Set Effect offers the same SPD increase as 2-Pc Messenger Traversing Hackerspace. Musketeer can also drop from Echo of War, making it an adequate filler set.
Anti-Synergistic Relic Sets

4-Pc Eagle of Twilight Line
You thought you SPD tuned your team? Well, not anymore.

While appearing to be an appealing option at first glance, a disjointed Action Advance on Bronya will often hurt more than it helps by desynchronizing allies from one another.

Fast Skillspam Bronya is the exception to this rule, where 4-Pc Eagle of Twilight Line can potentially be beneficial because it increases Bronya’s effective SPD. Even with a 3-turn Ultimate rotation, however, this set provides Bronya an 8.33% effective SPD increase at best — so while it can be good, it’s not significantly better than other options.

Planar Ornaments

Broken Keel
As Bronya already grants the party CRIT DMG with her Ultimate and gains Effect RES from her Traces, this set is a perfect choice.

Fleet of the Ageless
Increases Bronya’s durability, while still providing a decent party buff. If Bronya is used in a DoT team, Fleet of the Ageless is a better choice than Broken Keel.

Penacony: Land of the Dreams
While the 5% Energy Regeneration Rate from this Set Effect does not help Bronya to reach any relevant Energy breakpoints, the additional DMG Boost granted to Wind-Type damage dealers can be impactful.

Penacony: Land of the Dreams should not be the only set you farm for Bronya, as it is only effective when she is paired with Wind-Type damage dealers.

Sprightly Vonwacq
While it is not particularly effective for E0 Bronya, as 5% Energy Regeneration Rate is not enough for her to hit any relevant breakpoints for her Ultimate, Sprightly Vonwacq becomes more useful at E2 when using a Slow Skillspam playstyle. The initial 40% Action Advance combined with the SPD increase provided by Bronya’s Skill allows for Bronya to tailor her own SPD to match the SPD of her ally after they are buffed by Bronya’s E2 and perform a Basic ATK at the start of the fight, gaining an additional Skill Point.

For playstyles other than Slow Skillspam with E2, Sprightly Vonwacq is largely useless. While it can potentially be used in Fast Alternating and Fast Double Alternating playstyles for one additional Skill Point at the start of combat, unless you can meaningfully leverage this extra Skill Point, it’s simply not as helpful as other sets.

Light Cones

But the Battle Isn’t Over
Bronya’s signature Light Cone synergizes extremely well with everything she wants to do. The Energy Regeneration Rate is always appreciated, and directly synergizes with the SP restoration passive, which can help to alleviate Bronya’s often high SP consumption. In Skillspam playstyles, But the Battle Isn’t Over allows for a 3-turn Ultimate rotation, and in Double Alternating playstyles, it enables a consistent 4-turn Ultimate rotation.

Bronya also makes the best use out of the DMG increase passive, as using her Skill guarantees that the target is the next ally to act.

While the wording may be confusing, it will restore one Skill Point on every other Ultimate use.

Past and Future
This is freely available to everyone from Echo of War and the Light Cone Manifest shop. As with But the Battle Isn’t Over, Bronya will always apply the buff from this Past and Future to the target of her Skill.

Due to the sheer effectiveness of Past and Future on Bronya, it is extremely difficult to suggest most Harmony Light Cones.

Past Self in Mirror
While the extra SP from Past Self in Mirror can be very impactful, acquiring 150% Break Effect on Bronya is extremely difficult. It is also unlikely that Bronya will be the character to trigger a Weakness Break in most teams, so she would gain no benefit outside of the additional SP generation. Additionally, Bronya is typically used in Hypercarry teams, which only have one character that can make effective use of the teamwide DMG% buff.

If you can manage the near-impossible task of reaching 150% Break Effect without causing other issues in Bronya’s build, Past Self in Mirror is an extremely potent Light Cone. Without the extra SP generation, it is simply an expensive version of Past and Future.

Dance! Dance! Dance!
With very careful SPD tuning, it is possible to use this Light Cone on Bronya to great effect. In most cases, however, it generally takes more effort than it’s worth, especially if you aren’t attempting low-cycle Memory of Chaos clears or maximum score Pure Fiction runs.


Main Stats




CRIT DMGSPDHP% or DEF%Energy Regeneration Rate

SPD (until target value) >>> Effect RES (with Broken Keel) > HP > DEF CRIT DMG

Durability vs CRIT DMG

The portion of Bronya’s own CRIT DMG she grants to allies with her Ultimate is low — only 16% at Level 10. While CRIT DMG is still beneficial for her, it is more important that she survives. As Bronya can be extremely SP intensive, increasing Bronya’s durability can result in SP savings due to a decreased need for healing. Because of this, it is acceptable to use an HP% or DEF% Body in place of a CRIT DMG Body, especially if the HP% or DEF% piece has many SPD and/or CRIT DMG substats.

SPD Boots

With most well-built characters, Bronya always wants SPD Boots, but for a Slow Skillspam or Slow Alternating playstyle with a slow damage dealer, SPD Boots may make her too fast. If this is the case, the ideal main stats would be HP% or DEF%, for increased survivability.

Character Comparisons


Asta Sticker - Celestial Eyes Above Mortal Ruins

Instead of Advancing a single character’s action, Asta increases the SPD of all allies by a flat amount, and her ATK% buff ticks down on her own turns instead of those of her teammates. Bronya’s powerful DMG% buffing makes her far better at buffing a Hypercarry, but Asta’s party-wide ATK and SPD buffs can make her better in teams with multiple damage dealers.

When relying on Shields or follow-up attacks, Asta’s consistent SPD and ATK buffs are more reliable than Bronya’s Action Advance. Shields decaying faster than normal or unevenly due to Bronya Advancing certain characters can cause serious issues for March 7th and Gepard’s rotations. Out-of-turn actions such as follow-up attacks aren’t boosted by Bronya’s Skill until she has her 6th Eidolon, making Asta a more reliable buffer for them. Additionally, due to Asta’s solid personal damage and Toughness damage, she’s generally better paired with party-wide buffers like Ruan Mei.

For more information about Asta, see the Asta Guide.


Tingyun Sticker 02 - Jolted Awake From a Winter Dream

Tingyun and Bronya both increase the damage output and Energy of a single ally, with Tingyun giving Energy directly and Bronya’s Action Advance leading to more Energy via more frequent actions. Bronya’s extra turns typically offer more damage potential than Tingyun can offer unless the damage dealer has particularly large amounts of DMG% already, while Tingyun does not cause characters to burn through other buffs quickly. However, Tingyun is simpler to play and more SP positive than Bronya the vast majority of the time.

Ruan Mei

As Ruan Mei is the first limited 5-Star Harmony unit, it’s unsurprising that she and Bronya share many overlapping features. Fortunately, neither invalidates the other, with both excelling in many areas. When building a Hypercarry team, particularly one with a carry that appreciates CRIT, Bronya offers more raw damage potential through extra turns and stronger single-target buffing. Ruan Mei is instead more of a generalist, with party-wide buffs and better SP economy than most Bronya playstyles, especially if she has access to her signature Light Cone, Past Self in Mirror.

It can be worth using Ruan Mei instead of Bronya in cases where it is impossible to achieve the desired SPD thresholds for Bronya or if the player wants an easier time playing the game; Ruan Mei’s buffs are significantly easier to maintain and, with the similarities in kit between the two, it may be beneficial to the mental wellbeing of the player to do so. It should also go without saying that Ruan Mei is substantially better than Bronya for Dual Carry or DoT setups.

Many things are simply better together, and much like delicious stuffed pastries and fluffy cats, Ruan Mei and Bronya complement one another’s strengths. With Ruan Mei’s Skill and Ultimate buff duration being based on her own turns and her Talent’s SPD boost being always active, the extra turns granted by Bronya cannot cause any of Ruan Mei’s buffs to expire prematurely.

Notable Synergies

When played properly, Bronya synergizes with nearly every damage dealer in the game. As synergistic damage dealers have already been covered in the Playstyles section above, they will not be covered again here.

Pela Sticker 01 - Second Closed Beta
Pela’s SP positivity and AoE DEF Reduction make her an exceptionally effective support to pair with Bronya, as debuff durations depend on enemy turns instead of ally turns.

As Pela can be played completely SP positive, she also helps with the SP hunger of Bronya teams more than other supports.
Fu Xuan Sticker 03 - Celestial Eyes Above Mortal Ruins
Fu Xuan
Fu Xuan’s buffs tick down on her own turns as opposed to her allies’ turns, neatly sidestepping the issue of extra turns causing buffs to expire faster. Furthermore, when combined with the CRIT Rate increase from Fu Xuan’s Skill, the CRIT DMG increase from Bronya’s Ultimate gains even more value.

Additionally, since Bronya relies so heavily on precise SPD tuning, the temporary Control Effects immunity provided by Fu Xuan’s A6 Bonus Ability can be quite valuable.

Ruan Mei
With Ruan Mei’s buffs being tied to her own turns, Bronya’s Action Advances will not cause them to expire. Adding RES PEN and yet more DMG% to the mix of buffs only further empowers the party’s damage dealer, and Ruan Mei does not require much SP to function.

Ruan Mei’s passive SPD buff can break SPD tuning if not properly accounted for, but is a fixed value that is easily adjusted around. While it requires consideration when selecting Relics for Bronya, it cannot cause any long term issues.
Hanya Sticker 03 - The Crepuscule Zone
Thanks to the SP generation effect conferred by Burden, Hanya is quite SP positive, and that SP generation tends to be favorably timed, often returning SP on the same turns that other characters consume them. This means that in practice, Hanya can be a better SP generator than Pela, even though Hanya’s overall SP generation cannot be higher.

Add on to this Hanya’s sizable buffs to DMG%, ATK%, and SPD, and you’ll find a strong synergy with Bronya.

Luocha can comfortably sustain a team on his own while being fully SP positive, which helps greatly to fuel Bronya’s high demand for SP.

Special Considerations

Asta Sticker - Second Closed Beta
Asta’s ATK% buff only ticks down on her own turns, preserving its uptime regardless of how many turns her allies take. In contrast, Asta’s SPD buff ticks down on ally turns and expires after only two actions. Additionally, as Bronya Advances allies’ actions, she can make the SPD buff expire even faster, and can even desynchronize her own rotation.

Very careful planning is required to make Bronya work well with Asta.

Follow-up Attackers
Units that deal a large portion of their damage outside of their own turns, such as follow-up attackers, will see relatively less of a damage boost from Bronya compared to other damage dealers, as the buff from Bronya’s Skill will fade before their follow-up attacks are initiated. This limitation is removed with Bronya’s E6.

4-Pc Messenger Traversing Hackerspace
Any percentage-based SPD buff with limited uptime has the potential to distort SPD tuning, and Messenger Traversing Hackerspace is no exception. While a one-turn 12% SPD increase is unlikely to cause more than a single point of SPD difference, it can sometimes desynchronize rotations.

To always avoid desynchronization, Bronya should be at least 2 SPD below the threshold for her chosen playstyle.

Notable Anti-Synergies


Bronya causes the ally she targets with her Skill to take more actions, which means that Shield buffs that tick down on ally turns will expire sooner than they might otherwise. For teams that depend entirely on Shields for sustain, this can make the damage dealer quite vulnerable.

Enemy SPD Debuffs/Action Delay
Some enemies can disrupt the Action Order, potentially causing desynchronizations that result in lost actions. As Bronya teams depend on precise SPD tuning, this makes them particularly vulnerable to enemy action manipulation.


Yukong Sticker 01 - Final Closed Beta
Yukong’s “Roaring Bowstrings” state only lasts for two ally turns, and using Bronya’s Skill to advance the damage dealer consumes one of those two turns, preventing Yukong from buffing the damage dealer two turns in a row. As a result, it is extremely inefficient to pair her with Bronya, as their buffs will not overlap unless playing a Fast Skillspam Bronya; however, the SP demands of such a team would be impossible to sustain.
Clara Sticker - Second Closed Beta
While granting Clara more actions leads to her Ultimate charging faster, it also results in her Ultimate’s aggro buff expiring faster. As Bronya is incapable of buffing Clara’s Counters without her 6th Eidolon and causes Clara’s Ultimate to expire significantly faster regardless, Clara is not well-suited to take advantage of Bronya’s kit.

Svarog apparently still has some reservations towards the Silvermane Guards.
Qingque Sticker - Final Closed Beta
Qingque’s Hypercarry playstyle consumes SP at a rapid and inconsistent rate, often leaving very little remaining for the rest of the team. Additionally, Qingque has an abundance of both DMG% and ATK% in her kit already, and Bronya’s CRIT DMG buffs have limited uptime.

When Qingque is at E6, the SP problem is alleviated somewhat, and the occasional Autarky follow-up makes very good use of Bronya’s Skill’s one-turn duration. If you’re willing to constantly reset for the perfect outcome, then Bronya can end up being a very powerful support for Qingque. In practice, this can be incredibly inconsistent and frustrating. Unless you’re also willing to gamble away your sanity, we do not recommend this pairing.


Default Bronya Team Structure

Damage Dealer — Bronya — Flex — Sustain

Teams with Bronya generally follow a set pattern, with one damage dealer, Bronya, and a sustain unit, alongside a flex slot that is typically occupied by a unit with high SP generation. Regardless of the Bronya playstyle, this is a common team.

Bronya has near limitless options for team building based on her various playstyles. With proper SPD tuning, her mixture of powerful buffs and turn manipulation makes her able to fit into almost any team. The example teams below are just that, examples, and every character in the game could make it into the list given proper SPD tuning, teammate selection, and careful gameplay.

The team examples given in this section are split into categories based on Bronya’s different playstyle options.

Slow Skillspam Teams

For a refresher on the Slow Skillspam playstyle, visit the Playstyles section above.

Jingliu Slow Skillspam

Bronya — Jingliu — Lynx — Pela

Jingliu only needs two Skill Points to enter her Spectral Transmigration state, and once she enters it, she will not consume any SP to use her Skill. Pela is fully SP positive, and Lynx is mostly SP positive as well. This makes for an ideal Slow Skillspam team, allowing both Jingliu and Bronya to stack SPD to maximize Jingliu’s turns without worrying about running out of SP.

E1 Sushang Slow Skillspam

E1 Sushang — Bronya — Ruan Mei — Lynx

An E1 Sushang does not consume SP when attacking Weakness Broken enemies, allowing her to take full advantage of a Slow Skillspam Bronya. Ruan Mei’s Weakness Break Efficiency buff and Thanatoplum Rebloom debuff ensure that this happens as often as possible for as long as possible, allowing for constant Skill use from Sushang. Without Sushang’s E1, the SP costs of this team are completely unsustainable; even Bronya’s signature Light Cone and E1 cannot manage to sustain the team’s SP.

While Sushang’s Talent grants her a SPD boost when enemies’ Weaknesses are broken and her A6 Bonus Ability grants her a 15% Action Advance when attacking enemies suffering from Weakness Break, these do not disrupt rotations and can safely be ignored. If you really want to optimize, you can account for them when tuning Bronya’s SPD, although a Sushang with all of her SPD boosts and Action Advances is very fast, and may prefer a Slow Alternating Bronya instead.

Fast Skillspam Teams

For a refresher on the Fast Skillspam playstyle, visit the Playstyles section above.

Blade Fast Skillspam

Blade — Lynx — Bronya — Pela

Because Blade consumes very little SP, the team does not suffer from a lack of SP and Bronya can use her Skill every turn. Blade can completely disregard SPD, instead focusing on maximizing his damage output, and allowing Bronya to be the source of every one of his turns. Fast Skillspam is preferred if Lynx is used to maintain higher aggro buff uptime; however, Slow Skillspam is also a viable choice.

Hook Fast Skillspam

Fire Trailblazer — Hook — Bronya — Guinaifen

A relatively easy-to-assemble team that takes advantage of Guinaifen’s ability to maintain Burn on targets without expending SP in order to enable Hook’s Talent. Fire Trailblazer and Hook are both capable of healing themselves and their additional aggro allows them to draw attacks away from their teammates. Penacony: Land of the Dreams can be run on Fire Trailblazer in this team to increase the damage of both Guinaifen and Hook. With either 2-Pc or 4-Pc Guard of Wuthering Snow on Bronya, the extra durability will further extend the value gained from Fire Trailblazer’s Shields.

Slow Alternating Teams

For a refresher on the Slow Alternating playstyle, visit the Playstyles section above.

Seele Slow Alternating / Slow Skillspam

Seele — Bronya — Silver Wolf — Lynx

Thanks to Seele’s high SPD and SP usage, it’s typically not feasible to use her with a Slow Skillspam Bronya, and it’s inefficient to use her with a Fast Skillspam Bronya. Instead, Bronya can adopt a Slow Alternating playstyle, both to make the team’s SP economy more manageable, and to make Bronya’s ideal SPD value more attainable. With only Quantum and Wind Types in the team, as well as a variable amount of SP due to Bronya’s dual playstyle options, Silver Wolf can apply her debuffs with less risk of rolling the wrong Weakness implant or expending too much SP.

Fast Alternating Teams

For a refresher on the Fast Alternating playstyle, visit the Playstyles section above.

Jingliu / Blade Fast Alternating

Bronya — Jingliu — Blade — Fu Xuan

Because Bronya’s Skill causes Jingliu to take more frequent turns, the teamwide HP drain from Jingliu’s Enhanced Skill and Ultimate will cause Blade to accumulate stacks for his follow-up attack much more quickly than normal. This team uses a Fast Alternating Bronya equipped with 4-Pc Guard of Wuthering Snow, as the lack of a strong SP generator can make maintaining Skillspam Bronya difficult even with Jingliu and Blade’s reduced SP needs, and the rapid HP consumption of an accelerated Jingliu quickly eats into Bronya’s HP.

Argenti Fast Alternating

Argenti — Bronya — Tingyun — Huohuo

Argenti wants as much Energy as possible, and packing every Energy-generating support into the same team as Bronya is a surefire way to ensure that Argenti can fire off his Enhanced Ultimate as often as possible. Building Bronya and Argenti around the Fast Alternating style ensures that Argenti’s Ultimates hit as hard as possible while having the SP for Tingyun and Huohuo to use their Skills regularly. Bronya’s signature Light Cone and E1 help to further improve SP economy. Without additional sources of SP, Argenti may need to use his Basic ATK to help manage SP, but the extra turns from Bronya and the sheer amount of Energy generated by Tingyun and Huohuo more than offsets the occasional Basic ATK.

Sustainless Welt Fast Alternating

Welt — Bronya — Pela — Ruan Mei

For players who want to live on the edge, bringing both Welt and Ruan Mei opens the potential to simply not run a sustain character altogether, relying on inflicting such intense amounts of Action Delay that enemies cannot take turns at all. With enemy SPD reduction, Imprisonment, Weakness Break, Action Advance, as well as Ruan Mei’s additional Break Delay and teamwide SPD buff, this team has no shortage of ways to make sure you are the only one taking action during the course of a battle.

In Simulated Universe, where it is possible to acquire additional sustain or Control Effects through Blessings, this team is particularly potent, gaining the sustain it lacks while becoming even more capable of dragging foes into the depths of the Action Order, never to surface again.

Fast Double Alternating Teams

For a refresher on the Fast Double Alternating playstyle, visit the Playstyles section above.

Imbibitor Lunae Fast Double Alternating

Imbibitor Lunae — Bronya — Tingyun — Lynx

While it is very difficult to balance Dan Heng • Imbibitor Lunae’s SP requirements with Bronya’s own, a Fast Double Alternating playstyle makes it possible. With Bronya’s 1st Eidolon and her signature Light Cone But the Battle Isn’t Over, it becomes possible for Imbibitor Lunae to chain together two Fulgurant Leaps, either through his Ultimate or by triggering Bronya’s E1 and the extra SP from But the Battle Isn’t Over.

While two Fulgurant Leaps back to back can require on the fly decision making due to the random nature of Bronya’s E1, properly timing Imbibitor Lunae’s Ultimate to account for this randomness can give this team far more consistency and truly astronomical potential for burst damage. If Bronya successfully triggers her E1 and the effect of But the Battle Isn’t Over, it is best to save Imbibitor Lunae’s Ultimate until either Fulgurant Leap is used, or after the next use of Bronya’s Skill in order to enable another Bronya-boosted Fulgurant Leap.

Of course, while repeated uses of Fulgurant Leap offer the greatest damage potential, it is also possible to use Divine Spear to account for times when you cannot save SP via Bronya’s E1 or signature Light Cone.

Welt Double Alternating

Welt — Bronya — Pela — Huohuo

Bringing both Bronya and Welt allows for unparalleled levels of control, slowing enemy turns with both SPD Reduction and Action Delay from Imprisonment. Employing a Double Alternating Bronya playstyle enables Welt to constantly use his Skill alongside the more SP-hungry Huohuo. Her inclusion, along with Welt’s significant Action Delay, allows Pela to maintain full uptime on her Ultimate’s DEF Reduction while using the Light Cone Resolution Shines As Pearls of Sweat.

With enough SPD and Welt’s Eidolons, it may be possible to delay some enemies near endlessly, preventing them from taking even a single turn.

Advanced SPD Tuning

If you’re interested in the details behind optimizing Bronya’s SPD, this section contains the equations used to determine the SPD thresholds presented in the Playstyles section, as well as information on how to SPD tune with an E2 Bronya.

Additionally, we’ve created some other resources to supplement the guide:

  • If you’d like a calculator that can help you SPD tune your own Bronya, see Soul Fish’s Bronya SPD Calculator.
  • If you’d like to play around with the action sequences resulting from various combinations of SPD values for Bronya and the damage dealer, see jas’s Bronya Action Sequence Simulator.

Basic Formulas

Let \(Talent\%\) be the Action Advance from Bronya’s Talent represented in decimal form (e.g., \(30\% = 0.3 \)).

Then Bronya’s ideal SPD for a Slow Skillspam playstyle can be expressed as

\[Bronya\ SPD < Damage\ Dealer\ SPD,\]

her ideal SPD for a Slow Alternating playstyle can be expressed as

\[Bronya\ SPD < Damage\ Dealer\ SPD * (1 - \frac{Talent\%}{2}),\]

her ideal SPD for a Fast Alternating playstyle can be expressed as

\[Bronya\ SPD < Damage\ Dealer\ SPD * (2 - Talent\%),\]

and her ideal SPD for a Fast Double Alternating playstyle can be expressed as

\[Bronya\ SPD < Damage\ Dealer\ SPD * (\frac{3}{2} - Talent\%).\]

E2 SPD Tuning

Recall that Bronya’s E2 gives the ally she targets with her Skill a 30% SPD boost after they act, lasting until their next turn begins. Therefore, when buffed by Bronya’s E2, the damage dealer’s SPD can be expressed as

\[Buffed\ SPD = Damage\ Dealer\ SPD + 0.3 * Damage\ Dealer\ Base\ SPD.\]

A word of caution: since the SPD boost from Bronya’s E2 only lasts one turn, characters that are able to Advance their own Action by 100% or more, like Jingliu and Sushang, can cause the buff to expire immediately, and thus break any careful SPD tuning that you may have done, desynchronizing the rotation. Extra care must be taken when SPD tuning an E2 Bronya with such characters.

Slow Skillspam

For a Slow Skillspam Bronya, E2 opens up two alternative variations. First, the option of dropping SPD Boots on your damage dealer, and instead relying on the SPD increase from Bronya’s E2, so that the damage dealer’s buffed SPD is roughly the same as their SPD with SPD Boots. The other choice, and also usually the stronger option, is to increase Bronya’s SPD without changing the SPD of your damage dealer, such that Bronya is slower than their buffed SPD, but faster than their regular SPD.

Bronya’s ideal SPD for this playstyle can then be expressed as

\[Bronya\ SPD < Buffed\ SPD,\]

which, as you may notice, is very similar to the original equation for the SPD of a Slow Skillspam Bronya.

Fast Skillspam

Fast Skillspam is the only playstyle that doesn’t change with Bronya’s E2. Since Bronya is advancing the damage dealer before every action, the SPD buff does essentially nothing. One may worry that the SPD buff could cause the damage dealer to act twice before Bronya’s next action, but when playing Fast Skillspam Bronya, the damage dealer typically opts out of SPD entirely, while Bronya stacks as much as she can, so the SPD difference tends to be far greater than 30% of the damage dealer’s Base SPD. If Bronya’s Relics don’t have enough SPD for that to work, Fast Skillspam isn’t the right playstyle to be using anyway, and Slow Skillspam, Slow Alternating, or Fast Double Alternating would likely be preferable.

Alternating Variants

Bronya’s E2 raises the optimal SPD threshold for a Fast Alternating playstyle beyond what is reasonably achievable, even for the slowest damage dealers in the game. The playstyle is still usable — it’s just not realistic to have Bronya at the optimal SPD. Bronya’s E2 also increases the maximum SPD limits for the Slow Alternating and Fast Double Alternating playstyles, although to a lesser degree, since the damage dealer takes three turns per Bronya Skill, instead of two. SPD formulas for the three Alternating playstyles follow.

An E2 Bronya’s ideal SPD for the Slow Alternating playstyle can be expressed as

\[Bronya\ SPD < \frac{Buffed\ SPD * Damage\ Dealer\ SPD}{Buffed\ SPD + Damage\ Dealer\ SPD} * (2 - Talent\%),\]

her ideal SPD for the Fast Alternating playstyle can be expressed as

\[Bronya\ SPD < Buffed\ SPD * (2 - Talent\%),\]

and her ideal SPD for the Fast Double Alternating playstyle can be expressed as

\[Bronya\ SPD < \frac{Buffed\ SPD * Damage\ Dealer\ SPD}{Buffed\ SPD + Damage\ Dealer \ SPD} * (3 - 2 * Talent\%).\]







Soul Fish



Rotation Videos



Bronya SPD Calculator by Soul Fish
Bronya Action Sequence Simulator by jas
Bronya SPD Formula Proofs by jas


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